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While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to God, and Pray that you stay alive, and well?

TonyCarl1 6 Mar 21

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I can't speak for everyone but I think the vast majority of us outgrew the invisible, untestable, sky-daddy childhood-fable long ago.

Your question is as silly as asking ". . how many of you have starting talking to" Santa clause.


I talk to my cats!!!

They do not answer, but stay by me it seems as if they are reassuring me it will be OK in the long run!!

Well one can surmise by the way they act they care!!!

We will survive this, most of us anyway, just live day by day!!!

It is all we all have together is day to day!!!


Ha! You've got to be kidding me. No, it has not occurred to me to pray or talk to a supposed God. However, as we face this pandemic, I did share with my teenage son things that I want him to know before I die. It was a very lovely moment for both of us.


Short answer: No.
Long answer: Fuck no!

This is an agnostic/atheist group, dude. Not sure if you understand that or what it means.


If someone put a knife to your throat and threatened to kill you unless you love him, could you really love him?

If your god were real that's exactly how it operates.

JimG Level 8 Mar 21, 2020

I think you've wandered into the wrong forum.


I engage in a fair bit of self talk and that has only increased in social isolation, I don't think I would call myself a god, after all, I actually exist. 😉


Are you serious, right now? There is no god. And, if there is a creator, we're nothing more than an abandoned project. Prayer is no more effective than wishes. Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, and maintain distance from others. Get tested if your circle overlaps that of anyone infected. I'm atheist in the foxhole, and atheist on my deathbed.


I talk to my dogs and cats, at least they respond to me.


You're kidding right?

being facetious


No praying or reoccurrence of a god belief, but I bet that my sister is getting tired of me calling her two or three times a day.


I don't think we do that here


Probably won’t find anyone here of that school. What I will say though is introspective and selfish prayer is deeply offensive.

If there were such a power then there is only one prayer that has any worth.

Pray for the best of things for all things.

There is nothing else.


Not God but I have started praying to Humpty Dumpty for protection. Same thing.


Umm no!!! Lol 😂


Not me. God bless my quarantine... Lol!!!


Actually didn't occur to me to do so. I suspect when I forget about this post in 5 or so, it won't occur to me then either. Geez I hope I don't piss her off... she might give me the covid.


Nope and, if there is a god, it can kiss my ass for this horrific pandemic that's been bestowed upon us.

For what it’s worth if you just turn off the news that gets a whole lot less horrific 🙂

@bbyrd009 Thanks...I'm not really that stressed about it but very worried for my family members that have serious health issues.

@bbyrd009 Yeah, because putting a sack over your head is the way to stay informed about. this moving target.

@Lovemylife1 i hear you; garlic tho! and fwiw the health food store has "immunoboosters," basically garlic and other good stuff in a capsule.

ive actually calmed an infected tooth with them, more than once. Fresh is better tho imo

@Highway-Starr i understand why you say that, but you do realize virtually everyone in society is going to get exposed anyway, right? "Flatten the curve" is about sparing the sick-care industry an onslaught, not saving anyone from "infection" (= "immunization" btw)

my point was that pandemics are actually good things, even if not pleasant in the moment; over-dramatizing them to the point of shutting down the whole economy (rather than sequestering the at-risk) tho? An extremely dangerous precedent has now been set imo

@bbyrd009 You seem to be confused. The economy is shutting down because of the virus.
Its not an option, it's a side effect.

@PondartIncbendog ok, go with that then, but i would at least entertain the perspective of business as usual and sequestering the at-risk rather than shutting down the whole economy, which can only destroy small bidness? i mean don't get me wrong, im full anarchist and part if me is thrilled here, but from a um patriots or even republican, nationalist perspective? It wouldnt be better to just hire an extra ten think workers in the health insustry for a couple months? Its a fascist coup imo

side effect of a media circus maybe

@bbyrd009 What are you gonna do when your meds run out?

@PondartIncbendog ah, i live in colo bro no worries
youre being socially engineered k

@bbyrd009 There's something you should talk to your doctor about.

@Lovemylife1 but that, some raw lemon, some zinc everyday? Make you bulletproof quick 🙂
i mean unless one is quite compromised
i climb mountains with 80 year olds up here, they arent talking about it

@PondartIncbendog "dead doctors don't lie"

@bbyrd009 I have a younger sister with 20% lung capacity, a brother-in-law on dialysis and a 9 year old nephew with severe asthma. This virus could mean the end for any of them. Not ready to lose anyone yet.

@Highway-Starr this moving target that almost surely will not impact my day in any way?


Sigh. Why would I do such a silly thing like that?


Never occurred to me!


I have done no such foolish thing.


On what grounds?

IF there were a god who had power over anyone's personal survival, then why would such a being allow a pandemic disease to evolve in the first place?

This is part of the logical paradox surrounding the question of any god's existence in the first place. If god exists, and is benevolent, then god is powerless, because god doesn't stop bad things from happening to people. If god is omnipotent, then god is not benevolent, because god allows or even causes bad things to happen.

So, even if I allow that god exists, prayer is pointless. Who the fuck am I to be singled out for consideration, when someone like Tom Hanks & wife get the virus?


That's the funniest question I have heard in a long time! I know it may be true for others but none on this site.





bobwjr Level 10 Mar 21, 2020
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