I am 80 years old and single for 50 years. I am here for community and to meet women, make friends and to see what can happen within that friendship, nothing more. A cuddle buddy would be perfect. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What beliefs do you have that you know will never change?
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I believe that I will eventually die.
Ever notice how Christians are always crying persecution, but are the main ones damning people to Hell that don’t follow their idiotic religion?
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You are not the only one who feels like this.
Appeal to Ignorance
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I try to live an evidence based life. My position on the validity anything relies on whether there is reasonable evidence, facts and data to support what is being presented. If there is no such evidence, facts and data of what is presented then it is just a hypothesis and remains so until such evidence, facts and data can be presented.
Is Reality Just a Figment of Our Imagination?
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Everything and all reality is created by/in the brain.
I received a friendship request on Facebook. He was attractive and seemed to be an adventurer. He had a sense of humour, and we had a good conversation via chat/pm. I was getting interested. Then I looked at his Facebook page. Ugh, it was covered with messages about God. I mean he really went overboard. It was all he seemed to post. It doesn't matter how attracted a person can be to another, if two people have different, strong belief systems, it isn't going to work. What do you think?
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Bring the subject up and talk about it. You had no idea of this, even after chatting with him for a while, until you saw his FB page. Perhaps he is just using his FB page to impress his religious family and friends. You will never know unless you ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Some control over your life
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I am satisfied with the script my life has played out so far.
Thoughts on "things happen for a reason"
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This just goes to show that while all A-theist are non-believers in any god(s), we can believe any and every thing else.
Bible verses that still bother you.
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Why should any bible verse bother a non-believer? We are non-believers and anything and everything in the bible is total nonsense.
When is no evidence, evidence? When proving a negative! Does this mean that atheism is evidence based?
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It is for me. There has never been any evidence presented in support of any deity (only quoted scripture) and more than enough in support of no deity for me and in support of the natural world.
Hello! I'm brand new here...😊 A little background to my query: I was raised in a Pentecostal (Assemblies of God) church, which teaches that all good things come from the Lord. I just graduated with my second bachelor's degree, which I earned while working multiple part-time jobs and raising 3 teenagers. It was HELLA HARD but I did it!!!! With a 3.9 GPA, even! I also had an interview 1 week after graduation and was hired the next day (my degree is in art education and I have a teaching job for next year). I posted about it on Facebook because I was so happy excited and got lots of encouraging, celebratory comments...but I also got comments from friends from my childhood and early adult church communities saying that "god let me go through those tough times just for this purpose", and that "glory belongs to him for this achievement," etc. I want to scream "NO, I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT!!!" and i can't bring myself to like any of these comments that seem designed to get me to acknowledge and thank a god that they know I don't believe in. Am I being rude or am I justified?
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You are absolutely NOT being rude. You are recognizing your own accomplishments and your family and friends should be doing the same. I would simply acknowledge their comments in a Courteous manner, say thank you and leave it at that and move on. By the way, congratulations on your accomplishments and a job well done. I am proud of you and I admire you so much. I wish you well and success in finding what you are searching for here and in your life.
For those who don't know the group on this site called "Read Heads" is a group for book lovers.
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I would have never guessed.
I am addicted to NETFLIX. I literally would get rid of my dish if not for live news and sports. Right now my top 10 shows are: 1. Stranger Things 1& 2 (intensely waiting on season 3 in 2019). 2. Black Mirror 3. Altered Carbon 4. The Santa Clarita Diet 5. Big Mouth 6. Mind Hunters 7. Lost in Space 8. Sense 8 9. The end of the f**king world 10. Orange is the new black Just wondering what you guys have on your fave Netflix playlist. Share away!!
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I ditched my cable and satellite years ago and only have OTA antenna, which I rarely watch but I have it and it is free (I despise commercial TV and refuse to watch it). I have a computer connected to my HDTV and watch everything off the internet, including Netflix.
The Evolution Of An Atheist – Molded By Reality
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I enjoy reading deconversion stories. Thank you for sharing yours.
My conscience is my guard, my guild and my god. It's so close to me and pinches me when i'm about to make the wrong move, it celebrates me when i make the right ones and a positive tool that engineers my perception about others. Good morning Agnostic
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I would imagine your statement would apply to everyone and everyone's conscience is not the same and certainly not the same as yours or mine.
Just hearing this woman’s name makes me sick. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2018/05/devos-demands-taxpayer-money-for-religious-schools
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She is an appointee of Trump and can be removed very quickly by a different elected POTUS. VOTE.
Is it not as easy to say there is no god, as it is to say there is a god?
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Of course it is. Anyone can say anything. I do NOT require proof, but I do require evidence, facts and data to support any claim. Your mileage may vary.
How do you quickly debunk Bible Claims?
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Don't tell me, show me.
Imminent Revolutionary Devolution
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I like and agree with your assessment.
What is everyone's favorite comedians and why? mIne are George Carlin Robin Williams and Charlie Chaplin
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Pat Robinson, no contest.
This is absolutely true! HAHAHA
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People, this meme is NOT about computers, web browsers, programs. It is about the mindset of religious individuals.
In a lot of situations do you ask yourself, is it real or is it just money?
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What does money have to do with what is real?
Is anyone else loving the footage from Kilauea? I'm not celebrating someone getting injured or happy people's home and lives are destroyed. But I stand in awe of Earth's power and beauty. I've been having my 5yo watch the coverage on the news. I think it's fascinating! 🌋
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That IS what earth and nature does.
Why do you follow people on this site?
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I do not follow anyone. There are those that I agree with on a consistent basis more than others.
Christopher hitchens said extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence he said this in relation to the claims of the religious about the existence of a god. But Christians and the religious r convinced that there r much evidence .. Have u ever heard of any acceptable evidence that a god exists?
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None what so ever and what most theist do is just quote some scripture from their books and say it is proof. Of course they have nothing outside their book so what else can they do.
What are your views on meaningless sex?
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I don't view it, I do it. There is no such thing as meaningless sex. IMHO
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