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Would you move for love?

If you met the perfect person for you on this site would you pack up your whole life to take a chance for love?yes or no ? No matter the distance?

Wchairgal 4 Oct 10

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I just did this exact thing last week.. Moved from Florida to Minnesota to be with my love whom I met on Agnostic just over 3 months ago. We are perfect for each other and we couldn't let distance stand in the way of a love like this. I had nothing to tie me down to Florida so I was fluid (and brave) enough to make the move.

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Good luck!!! Hope you never have a moment's regret.

One small piece of advice. Get a good pair of boots.
I moved from Florida to Maine. When winter started (October), I was
miserable until I got a good pair of boots. Paying for LL Bean boots was
worth every penny. You'll adjust a lot better if your feet aren't cold and wet.

why is it mostly women who move to be with a man?

Good for you! Hope it all works out for you both!

You realize you are the exception, not the norm ... right? Anyhow, good for you

@IamNobody I didn't realize I am either. I just did what worked for me/us as I'm sure everyone who has done a move like this before me. If it works...or even if you think its going to work, you give it your best shot. No regrets or wasting time on 'what if's' it too short for that crap.

@benhmiller I don't know if it is. How do you know it's mostly women? I personally know of 2 men who made the move to be with the woman.

@KKGator Thank you for the advice. Well and truly noted. I have already had a lot of use out of my raincoat and I'm looking for the perfect winter boots to get me through my first MN winter. I already have a winter jacket that I 'think' will be warm enough....but I think this change in climate is going to take some getting used to.

@benhmiller Very good question!

@Hazydays LL Bean website.


@Hazydays I meant you're lucky... To find someone here and move forward doesn't happen every day

Congrats join the club-didn't know of anyone else - there are a few others.


I'd move for a cheeseburger. I seriously need to get out of here lol.

My thoughts exactly.


I would move for a pack of camels and a six pack. Kansas sucks.

And I don't drink, and I don't smoke camels

@LadyAlyxandrea that was way too funny! lol

The windmills in western Kansas are pretty ?


I have done so in the past. I wouldn't do it again.

Unless you have the means to extricate yourself the moment things
go sideways, I advise against it.
I'm not saying they will go bad, but you should always leave room for that possibility in your plans.

Be in love, be hopeful, but be realistic. Always protect yourself.


Shit, I’d move for a cheeseburger if it was good enough.

You have just gained another follower with that post!


I have and it worked out well for me... 18+ years later and no regrets!


Id leave Indiana for much less.

Ditto, except insert Texas.


I did. I am one of the few who fell in love here and relocated to NY State from NH 3 months ago. My boundaries were open-I am renting out my house to my daugher and her in-laws family so it works for me. Our_existance and I are very happy.

So happy to hear of another agnostic love story. Also glad to hear it’s working out for you both also.


It's not wise for a woman to ever move to be with a man.
If things don't work out, she's already lost her former job, is out the moving costs, and could suddenly find herself broke and homeless, and having to depend on charity of friends and relatives to establish herself again someplace else, pay deposits, insurance, etc.

If a man wants to be with a lover, he can move near the woman.

You always have great advice.?


yep. Love is where you find it when you find it.

Well, of course you would!
You're. ..... a GIPSY!!!!

@bigpawbullets No Roots.


I moved from the farm to town in 1993. Turns out that I was expected to live her life and sacrifice my own. I'll move again but not at the expense of myself.


No, because the loves of my life are within 12 miles of me now. That would be SamSam and Austin, my grandchildren. And yeah, their parents are close to. To me, my family is everything.



Yes!!! I almost did once. Wasn't our time. I would do it again for someone else. I can transfer my job anywhere in the U.S. I'll make sure that I get the next position, but he would have to be strong and show me he wants me (and my sons) with him.

We would take a picture of our happy family and share with you all. ❀

Some men here on this site may be sweet to you, but their wife won't approve. anyone here who would move for love needs to do a lot of research before making any kind of decision to totally uproot your life.


When I met my wife, I knew I was going to marry her, whatever it took. She was born in China and so getting a Visa to the US is almost impossible without a lot of money and connections. We came THIS CLOSE to me moving there. I had an interview with a company in Dalian that wanted to hire me for its international trade office. We found a nice house for sale there. The only reason we didn't move is my mom got sick and I needed to stay close by. My wife moved here in '04 and we've been together since.

Me too ?


I would!


A face to face meeting(maybe several).to find out is there's a "Spark" between the one you have potential with,I'd think,before a long distance move.


"I would do anything for love, but I won't do that..."

Haha...just kidding. It would all depend on the person I met.


Would. Have.


Nerp. My perfect person for the next 10'ish years is my son. I will live wherever is best for him. If that means missing out on a romantic relationship, then that's what it means. Although a perfect partner would understand that and relocate to us.


My divorce decree states I cannot move out of Texas while my children are minors. Once they’re off to college, I’m free to live my life.

you were married to a controlling man it seems.

@benhmiller I’m not a citizen, he was afraid I’d take the boys to Canada


Yes, but that is a conditional yes. My almost 90 yo Mom lives with me, she is settled & content. As long as she is, I am staying. So, I would under different circumstances without a qualm, but can't do so now.


Without a second thought. ?


Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt.
Wouldn't do it again.
For anyone.

@saganian If they love me, they can be the one to move.
I've moved for people I love. Won't be doing that anymore.



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