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What are you most looking for in a relationship? Just your # 1 Thing

Just your #1 top pick
What is the most important quality in a partner? Is it a great sexual partner? Is it someone who can bring home a nice paycheck? Or is it something else?

ProudHeathen 5 Oct 17

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Someone that likes to laugh, is curious, and independent.

I'm curious. What is your most successful way of making a girl laugh? I make silly faces and sometimes make inappropriate sounds to get a cheap laugh.

I'm single, so apparently I'm not that successful. 🙂

Silly faces? No, @ProudHeathen


The ability to have an intelligent conversation. To be honest with themselves and me.


Someone who knows who they are, speaks what's on their mind, and generally knows what they want.

Brock Level 3 Oct 18, 2017

Communication and connection. Its that simple.

I will say communication as well. Some say friendship which I agree with also. However, the thing about a friend is that they are someone you talk to about nearly every thing. Im always so relieved ???? when I meet a woman that talks. Who knows what she wants instead of always telling me "what ever you want." "Where ever you want to go." "What ever you see." I took a lady to a play. I told the name of the play prior to. I could tell she wasn't enjoy. After, she told me she like that kind of musical. Communication is so important. I don't think any thing can happen with out it


Compatibility. True compatibility weeds out infidelity and all other nonsense.

I don't disagree with you. Compatibility is vital to the success of any relationship. However, is it your opinion that any differences between a couple necessarily a bad thing?

Compatibility does not mean similarity. I don't like dealing with people like me. My boss tried pushing me and a coworker together and it blew my boss's mind when I explained that.


Sense of humor and kindness.


Trust is the main foundation in any relationship. If that is destroyed, there is nothing left.


I want someone who I can talk about anything with, without judgement, without pretense, and without filtering. Likewise, someone who will talk to me in the same criteria.


Nothing for the past 30 years. Right now in the Andygee household we are "Me and you and a dog named Blue."

That went right over my head lol. At least Victoria got it.


Authenticity - more than simple honesty, it is a willingness to let someone in, be vulnerable and know that Child in all of us. I once heard it put very well. “If you share with me what you hate about yourself, I will Love it for you.”


Interest. He has to be interested in me as a person while being able to hold my interest at the same time. This is harder to find than it may seem 😟

Dustye03<333%, just curious... have you ever asked yourself why?

I have thought about it. I assume, most times, it is because I am a little too odd. I like people with lively, active minds that can apprecite my sarcastic one-liners and quirky worldview. Lack of a sense of humor or any brand of intelligence turns me off fast.


Intelligence and a sense of humor


Non-judgemental person. I date people so I need to date someone equally open-hearted


Common ground in politics and religion.


Love and connection 🙂
"The only thing that's made the whole thing worthwhile has been those few times when I've been able to really, truly connect with another human being."


Honesty. Nothing can be made better and everything can be made worse without being honest with each other.


In my opinion, the most important part of a relationship is COMPATIBILITY. None of this opposites attract stuff for me. I want her to be like me, open minded, witty, free thinking, passionate, affectionate, honest and forthcoming.


Honesty is number 1 for me


Any relationship must be based in friendship and friendship must be based in honesty and kindness. So, I look for friendship first because all things grow from that.


Moral intelligence!

Jammo Level 5 Oct 18, 2017

I liked that answer, so I want to ask you a follow-up question partly unrelated to this topic.
Can someone you loved, cheat on you and before you find out, he owned up to having cheated, showing real remorse, could you forgive and forget or does that end a relationship for you?


Someone who is good company




iIntelligence is the most important to me, I have no patience for stupid.

LMAO- Stupid is annoying. Uneducated I can work with, but self-inflicted stupidity is annoying.

I agree, Intelligence is no dependant on education but, intelligent people often seek higher levels of it.


Sincere, intelligent, respectful, interested, socially conscious COMMUNICATION. So I snuck in several adjectives, but the main thing is about REAL communication that is more than just frosting or artificial sweetener. I don't want someone so gorgeous that I feel like a troll next to him, but if Chris Pine suddenly decided he was gay just for me, I might reconsider. lol

I like "snuck"


Paycheck? NEVER! Looking for someone who shows empathy, who has compassion and passion. Many other things, but this is a big one.

You are a good man, and you deserve to find the right guy for you. BTW I saw those beautiful Cocks (Is that the right word for those birds?) in your profile pictures. Your home looks like an animal utopia, and I would love to have a place like that one day.

Thanks so much and yes I love my chickens and cocks. LOL The best to you also.

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