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Would you as an agnostic or atheist marry a Christian?

I've met a very beautiful woman on line. She and I share many common likes and dislikes, but she is Christian.

Would you personally pursue such a relationship? Why or why not?

AstralSmoke 8 Aug 13

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Nope. Couldn't marry someone who sucks at critical thinking.


No. I remember when my boyfriend of three years told his parents we were getting married. “But she’s not a Catholic!” I should have run away like a gazelle being chased by a cheetah. I was related to those assholes for over 30 years. I make it my policy to never have anything to do with the religious or the republican.


No. Hell no.


" Dump and lazy , I understand !"

A Jesus fish, do you have any fish sticks? Dumb and lazy!



Well, I wouldn't marry anyone as I don't believe in marriage.

But I've dated theists before in the past. I don't think I'd do it again.


Friends, yes. Marry, no. I need to be connected to someone who is in touch with reality as much as possible. I need to now that they will stand up and not just fall to their knees when times get hard. Not just hoping to get to a better afterlife but a better tomorrow and cherish each day on earth with the people you love. I need someone who feels that religious dogma is a waste of time, and focus on what’s most important, the here and now.


I probably drive them mad.


Heck no! However, I'd not marry anyone no matter their religious views.


I married a christian and I love her to death. When the subject of religion comes up in discussion, we debate a little but it never gets heated. We get along great. We just disagree on that issue and respect each other.

Nuke Level 5 Aug 14, 2019

That's really cool. You two must be very special people.


I spent 23 years with a Christian. My wife just passed on, but she was a REAL Christian - a good, compassionate person. She never pushed her faith on me and i never tried to convince her that she was wrong! Live and let live was our life.


As a survivor of a 27 year marriage at the end of which she divorced me and took everything I ain't marrying nobody again I don't give a damn what they believe


My experience has been that they cannot help themselves in trying to convert others.

A lot of conversations started with "I know you don't believe, but..."


No, because even if they can shut up, their friends and family can’t. Plus it is sad to still believe in Santa/tooth fairy’s/elves/gods.

No wait...what? No Santa or Tooth Fairy either... 😀


Married twice, had a relationship with a Catholic recently, wouldn't consider going there ever again with a Faithfool.


No I would not... only because I have bad experiences with religitards trying to convert me at every point... he or his religious family would try to convert me or manipulate me into converting and I am sick to death of that shit.... sorry not sorry


I would never marry a Christian. I'd never marry anyone else, for that matter. But in terms of pursuing a relationship, it would depend. Chances are good that any devoted Christian and I would have significant difference of opinion on major issues and that some of our core values would be in conflict. But if I met someone great in every other way and she were nominally Christian, perhaps only because she was brought up with it, that might work. Faith really couldn't be terribly important to her and it couldn't bother her that I'm a non-believer.


I have absolutely no intention of ever marrying again. Or having another
"romantic relationship".
That said, I would have no interest in pursuing anything with a believer.

You've been hurt. 😟


We all have. Doesn't make me special.

@KKGator No, but empathy costs nothing so here's a (((hug.)))

@Sgt_Spanky Thank you. You're very kind.


I did. A pragmatic one. 14 years so far. As with all relationships I value the common ground more than the differences.


No no no no no no


Yes I would ,as long as they were not fanatics.My mother is a catholic and my father has always been agnostic for their 36 years of marriage with no problems except for a discussion about belief once in a while but this is not often

My wife of 44 years is a Christain and attends church almost every Sunday but she not a fanatic about it.


is she hot? I can put up with a lot of ignorant crap for smoking hotness. especially a hot redhead with green eyes.

She's hot, but no red hair. Maybe I should make that a condition.

@AstralSmoke no red hair? I don't know. That's a tough one. I may be a misogynistic pig, but I am a misogynistic pig with standards!

I understand you, but...would that relationship be for a long time commitment?

@Merseyman1 usetabe I could only guarantee 2 minutes. but I could probably get 5 now. just not a furious five.


I wouldn't pursue it. Even if it doesn't appear to be an issue now, the likelihood of it cropping up at some point is high.

Unless she is Christian in name only and not actively practicing her beliefs. I called myself Catholic long after I stopped believing, but before I openly identified myself as atheist.


No. And hell no. I ask right off. It's a deal breaker.

That’s one of my criteria as well.

Exactly, dealbreaker.


I wouldn't. I need that non-believer connection with someone.

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