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What’s the origin of your name?

My name, bleurowz, is the name for my design/creative work. I love a blue rose, and so I took the words and put them together in a different way, and I’ve also created the below logo for myself.

But there’s more to this story. Sometime after a friend had asked me if I’d gotten the name from The Glass Menagerie -- I had to look it up, and this is what I found: “Jim calls Laura ‘Blue Roses,’ a mispronunciation of ‘pleurosis,’ the childhood disease that left Laura crippled. The name ‘Blue Roses’ turns Laura’s defect into an asset: her unusual qualities are seen as special rather than debilitating.”

I can’t make this stuff up.

bleurowz 8 Aug 2

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Stole mine from John Lennon's Imagine.

@irascible You could have just asked...

@goldenvalleyguy Thanks!


Well typically I use the same username for everything, but recently someone from one site found me on another after I had blocked them on the first site. So to prevent that from happening again I picked something a little different. Combing Ophelia from hamlet and the Poet Oscar Wilde, I came up with OpheliaWilde

Cool name


when I signed up for the site I was at a friend's house. he has dog named Hank. I call him hankster a lot. so I just arbitrarily chose that word as my name here. it has seemed to prove satisfactory. thinking back on that moment, I had no idea what I was getting into, how really great this community is, how I would find a community of people much larger than the two or three unbelievers I knew at the time. finding this community has been a life changer. thanks y'all.


I like magic and mischief and making people laugh. I like the idea of magical pixie dust because it sparkles, promises so much and can obscure things at the same time.


I was a big fan of the Kung Fu TV series. I identify with being a novice learner.

I loved that show.

Very cool!


My old screen name was a pun on my even older one aevan=avian with no "i"= BlindBird. The new one was given to me by someone who has become really important in my life🙂. I'd never really known what having a relationship that makes you a better "you" was before and it really is great.


I'm calling myself an animist on a site for agnostics 🙂 Besides, AnnieMossity is my badass Roller Derby moniker. Finally, my runner-up choice, AnnieMalia, would have attracted weirdos. 😀


Election November 2018


I like old Pink Floyd

@Morganfreeman yeah, point me at the sky


Mine was simple. No great inspiration involved. My name is Julie and I like Patchouli. 😀


As a child, I loved the book, The Hobbit. My favorite character from it was not Bilbo Baggins, it was Thorin Oakenshield, Dwarf king of Erebor. I still love The Hobbit, and if I'm able, I want to change mine and my daughter's last name to Oakenshield.




Gato: cat
Vicolo: alley


Mine is self explanatory...but just in case..

It's in honour of the late and sadly missed Christopher Hitchens one of the most prominent and articulate Athiests of our time....he fought the good fight like a tiger..eloquently ruthless debater.

He once said and I quote:

"That which can be asserted without evidence, may be dismissed without evidence"

Exquisite wall of logic IMO.


Ghetto Philosopher:

  1. A person of meager means, usually of a minority background, who has nonetheless gained wisdom through experience, introspection, and communication rather than formal education.
  2. (Via urban dictionary) An intelligent black man/woman who discusses issues within the black community and advocates possible reforms.

Mine is the wife of Caesar Augustus. She was very maligned by later Roman historians, but she was a very smart politician and diplomat. I read about her and thought history judged her badly because she was a woman.

Livia Level 6 Aug 3, 2018

Mine is just a combination of my initials and my beloved Florida Gators.
Not remotely significant or meaningful.

Hope this reply doesn't hurt but the latest news on that ex-gator coach Urban isn't very good.

@gsiamne Urban Meyer is a dick.
He has turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of many of his players, past and present.
It doesn't hurt me at all. The truth is the truth.


My name comes from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, which is the most beautiful, magical, haunting place I have ever visited, and one of the last places I got to spend time with my mother. The 724 in my name is my son's birthdate: 7/24/90.


I’m not very creative, mine is my name and the year I was born.


My name refers to the current state of my social life.


Well, my name is Grace. Some call me Gracey (not Gracie). I go by Graceylou when I’m being silly. It sounds like a hick country girl name. I’m a city girl living in the country pretending to be a country girl.


Years ago I used "thinktwicebenice" as my username for an adult chat room, hoping that people would not be total shits. Unfortunately, reading comprehension was lacking and people thought it was "thinktwice Bernice" I dropped the last part, hoping that people, including myself, will think twice before posting nasty or hateful stuff...


I have a whole bunch of names I use on some sites, and for gaming, and my youtube channel. But sometimes (like here) I just use my name.


It means infidel, unbeliever, atheist, apostate, and against god in Arabic. I am all of those.


Just a combination of my first and middle name. Not my birthname since I changed it when I transitioned from male to female

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