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Do atheists observe Halloween?

Since, most don't believe in ghosts and other silly stuff that goes along with the holiday. Do we still observe some of it for the children. I rather ignore it like the rest of the religious holidays.

freedom41 8 Oct 6

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I love halloween. My favorite holiday.

If you take the religion out, holidays are just fun.


Sure, it's fun. I like Christmas lights and l will eat an Easter egg. The things l enjoy on these holidays have nothing to do with religion.

xmas is about family getting to together the same with thanksgiving and Easter. The Christmas time was taken from the pagans we all know know about winter solstice.


Fuck yeah! It's the only holiday worth celebrating.

Damn, this post broke my level 6 cherry.. Wasn't even paying attention.

@FatherOfNyx Congratulations!!!!

@FatherOfNyx Well now you're going to walk funny. rofl


@RavenCT I expected @KKGator to say that!

@phxbillcee You know, sometimes I like to leave the lines for other people.
I know I'm not the only smartass in the room.
Besides, the Gator game was on and I was distracted.
Bite me. πŸ˜‰

@KKGator Mark out a spot, baby!

@FatherOfNyx Good for you. I finally level 7 last Thursday.

@freedom41 Congratulations to you, too!

@freedom41 Cool! Congrats.

@phxbillcee Sometimes a line MUST be picked up. It would have been criminal to step over that one.


From the atheist bible: Thou must celebrate Halloween!


It's an excuse to get drunk, eat bad shit and dress silly. Why the hell wouldn't we summon demons once a year?

Right on!


I like celebrations... period. Halloween is my favorite because it is silly, fun and can be made non-religious if you leave out certain aspects. Just because I don't believe in any religion or the existence of god doesn't mean I don't believe in living life joyously... being silly is part of that.

mmmm candy, pumpkin, monsters, witches, black cats, goblins, ghosts....YAY!


One of the best things about being an atheist/freethinker is the freedom from dogma. You can do whatever you like. Enjoy Halloween or other holidays? Celebrate them. Think they're dumb? Ignore them/ bitch about them to your hearts content.?


So, pretend to be someone you’re not and potentially scare the shit out of someone? Why the fuck not??

Plus candy!


I celebrate a secular Halloween just as I celebrate a secular Xmas.


All that candy and decorating. How can I say no?


How can you ignore free candy?


I love holidays even chrismas its more about family and friends than anything else.
But yes i love Halloween I love candy, dressing up, spooky stuff, and of course how happy it makes the kids. But I aslo love it out of spite bc my overly religious mother wouldn't let me celebrate as a kid because it was "the devils birthday".


It's been a logn time sine Halloween has any kind of religious context , even if its originas may have originally been religious and/or superstitious. Now it is just fun and games.

So dress up, and do the Time Warp...

It's just a jump to the left...


I support the art and creativity that goes into humans dressing up for a day.


I don’t believe in any of the supernatural.
Halloween is great fun and the kids have a great time. Why not enjoy the day and let it be


I had some ask me since i was atheist did I do xmas, easter and other holidays said yes kids have fun why bring religion into it to ruin it


There is nothing wrong with an atheist observing Halloween or even Christmas for that matter. They have morphed from religious holidays into folk festivals. Ask any little kid what Easter, Christmas, and Halloween are about and they will tell you, "the Easter Bunny and candy, Santa Claus and presents, and wearing a costume and candy. No need for an atheist to be anal about such folk festivals.

Not to mention most Christian holidays were adapted from pagan rituals/celevrations ?

My family never done the religious thing sometimes they played before eating I did no care for that but played along so i can eat.

nothing ruins a holiday faster then going and sitting in a church with clean nice clothes on when you are a child.


It's a chance to have fun. Do other people actually believe that Jack O'Lanterns come alive and the dead walk the Earth? Of course not.


Any reason to put on a party and get sloshed is a good enough reason for me. It's been years lol.

When I realized that 99.9% of the so called sacred religous traditions were stolen from previous cultures (thanks for that, Aron Ra), that feeling of guilt I once had at these times of year vanished. So, holidays are what you make of them.

It's always amused me that most of the people crying about non-believiers advocating for a more inclusive holiday season are the same ones continually prepetuating the commercially dominated non-sense that is Christmas in the 21st centery. That "give and be charitable" aparently now translates to "go into debt buying near term landfill clutter for everyone you know".


I don't give candy. But I enjoy the time of year. In between Thanksgiving and the big holiday.


I can read Tolkein without believing in elves. I can watch Doctor Who without believing that time is a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff. Why do I have to believe in ghosts and vampires to celebrate Halloween?

You mean time isn't a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey? I'm devastated!

@CommonHuman I second that. My two hearts are breaking!

What! No vampires! I'm bummed!


I never thought of it as a religious event, it's pagan if anything just like the actual origins of most holidays, so it's whatever you want to do, I don't see what it has to do with religion.


Halloween is about costumes, creativity, and candy. Some of the early underpinnings of the holiday may have been to scare away evil spirits, but today it's entirely secular and just a bit of fun.


I don't find anything objectionable about dressing up in a fun costume and asking neighbors for candy (for kids.) Or having a dress-up/costume party (kids or adults.) Regardless of orgins, I embrace reasons to celebrate, have fun, and break up the monotony of daily life.


since atheism is not a religion, there is no tradition and are no rules regarding this. some atheists do and some don't. yes, the holiday began as a religious one, but it isn't one now. yes it has ghosties in it but do you avoid science fiction too? you don't have to believe in the elements of fiction to enjoy it, and that goes for hallowe'en too.



Costumes and candy and parties. Yes these are all great and fun things. But, (believing) in some supersticious nonsense is just a bunch of good old woo woo. I say, just enjoy the ride and have fun.

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