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What is the one creature, snake, spider, rodent, bat, etc, that creeps you out the most?

When I was around 8 years old I watched an episode of Alfred Hitchcock in black and white on TV. A man was tied up and they showed rats crawling all over him and they were going to eat him. It messed me up and to this day rats are the only creature that really creeps me out.

ebdb 7 Apr 9

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People who watch garbage shows like the cardashians and think they are awesome frighten me.




@BufftonBeotch Trumplesplitskin lol


Two tongued Politician, White Coated Physician, Black Robed Judicrant, Skin headed Guntoter, White Robed Crossburner, Blindeyed Lawenforcer, Songsinging Biblethumper.

Excellent .. why did I not think of this !


Donald Trump

Hahahaaaa ..

@gemini31 The real joke is that the American people elected him President.....or maybe it was the Russians???



It a dying breed .. hope soon !


As I say all the time, humans are the worst.

dkp93 Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

an orange racoon hat on a human, Such as trump

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Trump is human? oh.........


Religious nut cases. Watch out for the God Virus, Ive seen too many fall for this trap.

I have a born again brother. I know how that works. Fortunately he got tired of trying to convert me and we get along very well. We speak on the phone every week.


Actually, no animal, bird, insect, reptile creeps me .. only the homo sapien I detest collectively.


Dudes wearing a witch's hat.



If I had to pick one, I'd have to say botflies. While interesting, they're creepy as hell. The larvae are parasitic to mammals, including one species that is known to infest humans. They burrow into the skin where they grow, eventually emerge, and drop off ready to pupate (which they do in soil.)


Snakes only because I was bitten by a rattlesnake when I was three and I can't remember much about being three, but I remember that day very well. I saw the rattlesnake while playing in my backyard and I decided it would be fun to pick it up. Not a good move at all.

It left you with a 'phobia' understandable !


Japenese Giant Crabs... they are alien as fuck.




Homo Sapiens

True !


Humans. Capable of remarkable acts of goodness but also horrifying evil.

MsDee Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

Roaches. I am a rational, logical person, yet roaches can make me lose my composure in a second. I think it's the idea that if you see one, you imagine thousands and they move so damned fast!


I tend to be the one who likes the critters most other people think of as 'creepy'. I worked at a reptile zoo for nearly a decade, and now my research focuses mainly on arachnids. I share my home with 2 parrots, 13 snakes, 1 gecko, and around 80-90 arachnids (mostly tarantulas), and am usually referred to as the 'crazy spider lady'!

Centipedes used to wig me out more, but I'm getting better with them, though earwigs are still my NOPE.

Mavet Level 2 Apr 9, 2018

Agreed on the earwigs shudder
Spiders I can deal with. As long as they are not on me... Check out these little dudes that were outside my house a couple days ago!


It looks like spiders, snakes, humans, and cockroaches are at the top.
Surprised no one mentioned clowns, wait a minute people did say they are afraid of Trump.
He is really the scariest thing because he affects all of us! What an orange-faced clown!

ebdb Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

Roaches, but just the German ones. Madagascar riachs are cool. I love spiders, snakes and have had pet rats

I hate roaches. I'm not scared of them, I just think they are gross.

Funny, there are no cockroaches in Germany, never seen one there, yet you have German ones here ? Amazing!

@gemini31 weird, hundred. I wonder why they call them that?


swimming with sharks bigger than me...


Actually, as long as I don't have to physically interact with them, they are all good. Even the Man of War, which I fear beacause one burnt me once while swimming, is beautiful to look at.

A Sting Ray got me lone time in Baja California .. should have known better.


Cockroaches really creep me out


No other creature has devised so many ways to kill or takes such pleasure in it.
No other creature has bent nature for profit at the expense of its fellow species and all other species.
No other creature hunts, kills, rapes, and mutilates for the sheer rush of pleasure it gets from it.
No other creature has serial killers, mass murderers, spree killers, Despotic Rulers and industrialized murder.

ALL other creatures pale in comparison.
Even in your example it was a human who was using rats as a weapon, yet you fear the rat. Go figure.

But...does that mean you're scared of yourself?

@FinchiMcQ Am I suicidal?

But the reality is outside of disease or accident you are much more likely to die by human hands than from a Bear, Shark or Rats.

Oh, ye great force in the sky .. words so well spoken and so profoundly true. I think that you and I could elaborate on this for hours ..

@Davesnothere that is a scary thought and just maybe true!

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