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Would you dare to have sex in a church?

Lol. It's on my Bucket List.

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 29

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Catholic priests have been doing that with alter boys for years!

@bobnappi At least there was something you got from Church!



The seats are not very comfortable.

In the baptism water?

Just bring a nice thick blanket.

@josh23452 Yes.


Been there and done that. It's just a building.

great answer

Sydney Harbour Bridge in a convertible (oral) was much wore fun

Me too.


I have before! My dad was a minister and mom the choir director in the methodist church so I spent a good deal of time there. When I was 16 my GF and I would try to find places we could hide and make out. One thing led to another and I got the brilliant idea to get in the lead ministers office during Sunday service. Well we did and we went all the way during the sermon and barely slipped out before he was through. Think we left a stain on the couch in his office cause he had it replaced in a couple of weeks! Good times!

Haha. Wow, nice.


Already done it when I was 17 with my first boyfriend, we were together for 2 years. I felt like it was the rebellious thing to do. We almost got caught several times.

Lol. Too loud?


I have .... it was like really fucking naughty ... fantastic lol x


@Sarahroo29 What else did they build churches for ?

@Nickbeee They're useless buildings.

@Sarahroo29 I always thought this.. God has this massive house while homeless people have nowhere to live and he isn't even real.. I find it both bemusing and ridiculous! No wonder I thought getting layed was a better option !

@Nickbeee Haha.


I got a blowjob once by the deacons daughter. I didn’t go to the church I knew her from school. Our bus stop was at the church and she had keys to get in.



Sure, why not? It's just a building with potential risks that are the same as any other public building.

Yep. I want to.

A change of venue always spices up one's lust life.


Yes and i did a few times ironically with the pastor's daughter and once with his wife...wasn't proud of that one but it still happened

Oh wow.


Nope. I have no desire to do anything at a church. Maybe start a fire, but that’s about it.


Been there done that


Yes. As often as possible.


Are you a “man of the cloth”? ROFL


It would certainly give new meaning to getting Nailed on the Cross.....

Oohh, lol.


Huh. I never thought of doing it in a church.

Now after reading these posts, I'm feeling like I want to. 😛.

The one place I really want to make love in is a library. I've only made out between the stacks, never all the way.

Oh, cool.

We can do it on Darwin.

@MikeM if i'm going to in a library, it's going to be with my partner, but thanks. 🙂

@Sciencemama the way things are going if I do it in the library I'm going to be doing it with my left hand.

@MikeM Sorry about that.


My current home was a church in it's former life when I acquired it....LOL... Needless to say, numerous sacregilious,irreverant events taking place from the start... Yes, I secretly get a kick outta it...I think the trick is understanding that there is actually nobody watching looking to penalize you in the sweet by & by anyway, so why not ? To be totally honest, though, nothing beats the outdoors during the summertime....



Isn't that where the religious leaders do it?



Not counting all those catholic boys that did not have a choice.

Good reminder.



I probably would not set foot in a church but if for some reason I did, yeah why not? Getting laid would be a much better way to spend the time than listening to some jack ass spew bullshit...



Never. Since I wouldn't be a member of any church, not only would I be tresspassing, but I would also feel it was disrespectful to the believers who attend there. I'm an atheist, not an asshole...



I can't enter a church. I might burst into flames. Btw does anyone elses skin burn when holy water touches it?


BJ on pew where choir sits behind pulpit. Not during service tho. Version of mile high club?

Lol. Cool.


I would like to do a tour and have sex in all the churches in Europe.

Sounds fun.


Already done it!

Good for you. I'm putting it on my to-do list.


While in my last relationship, my lover was scandlized when I suggested having sex in a church. I dont' see the big deal. The clergy does it.



Just another building, usually very attractive ceilings, too.

Yes, and windows.

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