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Sin or not, if yes, why?

Why does every religious person say masturbation is a sin when there's noting written about it in the Bible and why would it be a sin if God designed me like this (so I have cravings) and also God gave me the possibility of pleasure? Answer this

Manka77 4 July 20

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Sin is a disease invented by religions; so they can sell you the cure.

JimG Level 8 Jan 29, 2019

Bingo, there it is.


There is no sin. There is only projection and attempts at controlling others by making people feel bad about themselves.

dokala Level 7 July 20, 2018

The Bible is fictitious.

Does it matter what it states? Really?


Sin doesn’t’s a religious construct! Whether the bible mentions it or not is immaterial and no point in wondering about a god who doesn’t exist either. The reason religions frown on it is because they use it as a means of exercising control. All religions are obsessed with sex and sexual practices....the insistence that priests in the Catholic Church are celibate is just another example of control, even of their own clergy. Repressed sexuality is probably what caused so many of them to molest children,...better that they engaged in masturbation than that.

Good response.


Im surprised no one got this one yet. Masturbation is a sin from a biblical basis based on the story of Onan. He was supposed to marry his brothers wife to give her children after his brother died, instead he spilled his seed on the ground and disobeyed god. So short answer: because a lot of early jewish law was designed to make sure they multiplied and some guy decided fucking his brothers widow was too creepy.

This only explains why they would think that male masturbation is a sin though, and when they discourage women from doing it its probably more about not harboring any lustful or impure thoughts, or similarly saying youre not allowed to cum unless youre trying to make more christian soldiers. Thats your one n only reward for doing so and if you discovered and took control of your own sexuality we’d have nothing left to hold over you.

So yeah in short who cares? But since you asked thats more or less where it came from. Pun intended.

Well said man, Thank God I haven't spent much time thinking about the bible lately, but female masturbation is never mentioned.

Women get a free pass on ringing Satan's doorbell.

@educatedredneck The Bible was written by men. I guarantee they neither knew nor cared whether women had pleasure in sex; let alone what women and girls did in private.

I love asking Christians whether they have heard the wonderful tales of Onan. I have yet to have one who even knows there's an Onan in the bible. It's one of my favorite stories


Only a sin if you use your left hand

lerlo Level 8 Feb 10, 2019

"Sins" are just as ridiculous and fallacious as religion and gods.
All are to be rejected, derided, and ridiculed.
And disregarded.


Sin only has meaning in the context of religion. No religion, no sin.


Sorry but I did not realize agnostics believed in sin. You truly seem concerned about this. I'm hoping you are not riddled with guilt and shame. The answer is simple. Remove the word sin from your entire life. The condition of sin is a construct of human clerics designed to be imposed on ignorant populations as a tool for maintaining their submission and intensify the clerics power.


We're pulling for you pal.


Sin is a very sillynasty, idea designed to get money & loyalty out of you. Get over it!


Sin is an imaginary product sold to you by unscrupulous charlatans so they can turn around and sell you their equally imaginary forgiveness from an unseen and unseeable entity that cannot speak directly to you at the simple cost of your soul. It's a scam. Period.


Bible belt churches attract the biggest sinners in town! They are conditioned to believe that as long as they attend church, twice on Sunday, once on Wednesday, and allow themselves to be 'shaken down' three times per service, they will still get 'front-row' seats in heaven!

Despite whatever dastardly deeds they do when not in church.


Because it's just a scare tactic to make you feel guilty and ashamed. There is nothing wrong with you masturbating.


I would argue that since sin is defined as an offense against god, it is impossible for anyone to sin, especially a bunch of atheists.


I don't recognise the premise of sin to start with so if i want to crack one off I couldn't give a shit what some biblical twat thinks 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 20, 2018

Now now, be fair there are biblical twats, assholes and other variants. Gotta be PC and inclusive in condemning the delusional.


Religious leaders suppress sex. Horny people will work harder for the church.


Sin is a religious invention and does not exist outside of those religions so go ahead and pleasure yourself without feeling guilty.


Who is this god lady you write about?


Since heaven and hell don’t exist there’s no such thing as sin as that’s just something the religous invented to make people comply with their rules.


It's not a sin. Joy is our birth-right, just ask any autonomous nervous system.


Sin, as defined by whom? If it feels wrong and it hurts someone...don't. However, if it feels good, and it harms no all means.


When I was a child, my religiously zealous father asked me if I did that and made a point to remind me that it was a sin.

I think Puritanical religion back in the day began the idea that any kind of sexual desire was sinful, especially for women.

I think the idea of a father grilling his daughter about her sexuality is much creepier than masturbation...


There are two types of people in the world: people who admit to masturbating... and liars. 😀


The "sin" of masturbation is from The book of genesis 38:9 . And actually describes the pulling out method of birth control. God killed Er because he was wicked then Er's dad told Onan to impregnate Er's widow. Onan didn't want to so he jerked off. This pissed off god so he killed Onan too. Then the whole thing gets even weirder when The widow dresses up like a hooker and Er screws her and gets her pregnant without knowing it was her. The whole thing is one convoluted mess of bullshit that religious people don't bother to read. I found that the more I read the bible the less I worried about sin because the whole story never makes sense in a normal fashion. Personally I feel that the pursuit of pleasure is the reason we are here and to not take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy ones life is a waste of time.

The bibles are very bad pornography genocide instructtion manuals and violent abortion & rapist rights to virgins as promised by the alleged gawds geebush jeehobah ghostholes

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