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With or without music during sex?

EmeraldJewel 7 Mar 13

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It depends on if the band minds.

Oh! Thank you so much for that laugh!

Sad that I had to read this twice to get it but, man, when it hit me... thank you again! πŸ™‚

@Gnarloc You are most welcome!


I can do it with music I can do it without music as long as I'm doing it.

I like your attitude. πŸ™‚

Receptive quivering SonderOpia hitting the nail on its head?


I like polka music during sex. Of course, it's usually by myself...


So people out there are having sex. Who knew

sgherf Level 5 Mar 14, 2018

Funneeeeee! Well done.


Preference is no music, the sounds we make will be music enough. Music can be ok, as long as, it's very low and not distracting.


Without for me..all the yodeling makes it more intense...

@AMGT what?..hehehe


Whatever, just apparently not that old Aerosmith song Big 10 Inch Record



I don't mind sex without music--I mean good sex is good sex and I enjoy the sounds of that too! But good music + good sex = win win.

I’d love to have that song β€œSkin” playing by Rihanna ha ha ha!


I apologize in advance:


Only this song on loop:



The noises of sex is music


Barry White for strip tease, mild S&M, and fantasy play. Barry can get people in the love mood, and is even credited with causing the US baby boom during the mid 1970s.

Barry White - Can't get enough of your love baby

WAY back in the 70s, my wife at the time once interrupted our spontaneous lovemaking and asked me to go put on our Barry White album. In her defense, we had an awesome stereo... πŸ˜‰


Surrounded by 4 floor speakers hooked into a 150 watt per channel amp. Cue up dance/techno of your choice. Insert earplugs, feel the drive. Also put an oscillating fan blow back and forth for sensory change. Strobe lights can be interesting also.
Oh the memories!!!

"What??".... lol

@RavenCT it's all about sensory stimulation, earplugs are so you don't go deaf with the amp turned up to 90%. Feel the music in your body, literally.


Definitely without. As soon as a prospective partner even sees the banjo they get scared πŸ™‚


With. Some good EDM, preferably house or trance.


oh no, no music, no distractions what soever.

@AMGT nope, no tip tor through tulips for me. Long before your time surely? Though I got called out today for knowing who Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole were.


There is some music that enhances the sexual experience most definitely! Trent Reznor comes to mind immeadiately !

Trent Reznor! Awesome points to you!


No music. Like to hear the natural sounds?


Whenever I have sex I always play the song "Alone Again, Naturally".




Something ultra sexy like Barry White or Keith Sweat.


Remember Bo Derek's famous exchange in the film "10" - [this is a paraphrase, from memory, but I think I've got the thrust of it] -
Bo Derek: 'What do you like to do when listening to Ravel's "Bolero"? (puts it on the stereo - yes it was quite a while ago).
Dudley Moore: 'I Dunno'.
Bo Derek: "I like to fu*k".
Next scene - use your imagination.
I've always had that scene in mind every time I've listened to it since!


I had an ex. once, who used to choose 'sex music' for purely comic effect.

A case of, "Hit the 'play' button and off we go!" with no idea what she had arranged as the sound track.

It turned out to be a selection - everything from Verdi's 'Dies Irae', through hard rock and opera, to the sodding 'Birdy Song'.

Honestly ... the Birdy Song! ... have you ever tried to have sex to "Da-da-da-da-dadda-da! Da-da-da-da-dadda-da! Da-da-da-DAAA!"?

Lol, that'd make a mess of the long strokes!

LMAO!!! The birdy song! OMG


I seem to tone out music if it's on. I have other things to pay attention to at that time πŸ™‚


Both, depending on mood and situation...

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