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What would make you believe in a God?

What would need to happen for you to be able to distguish between a God and more advanced technology.

paul1967 8 Sep 22

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If 'god' exists, it would know exactly what would convince me. Either it is unable to, unwilling, doesn't care, or simply does not exist.

That's a Mattism but worth repeating as you have done.

I agree with your every word. In fact, this god would know what it would take to make any person believe and that would be the evidence god would have provided. Scripture says god does not want anyone to perish, so why the lack of evidence? It can't be about "faith." Did the 500 people who saw the risen Jesus have faith? No, they did not need it. Paul wanted to convince everyone, but we might ask if Jesus even knew 500 people. If he did, how would they know him? Was he floating in the air or did he show them all his hands that will now remain nail scarred forever? For the record, I no longer believe the Goat and Sheep Herders Guide to the Galaxy. Too much nonsense.


Undeniable proof.


As Bill Nye said - evidence. And none of that "god is in a baby's smile" shit. Actual peer reviewed evidence.


Waterboarding would get me to say it, but short of scientific proof, I would never believe it.


Nothing - there can't be proof of something that does not exist.

Very true! You cannot prove a negative.


There's an important difference between belief and worship at play here. If I saw a god appear in the sky, and so did everyone else, and there were no other logical explanation, then I would accept that this god existed. If this god were anything like the God of the Bible or the Qur'an, then that God does not deserve to be worshiped.

Dylan Level 5 Oct 7, 2017


There is no possible "logical" explanation for seeing "a god appear in the sky" - just because you see something doesn't mean it exists - the mind plays many tricks, as many people can confirm they have already "seen" and spoken to god. That would not be evidence for me.


When he knocks on my door & when I open it, he gives me the things I prayed for when I was religious. He would also give me the things I chanted for when I was a Buddhist. He would apologize for taking so long to get to me & he would actually show me heaven without me having to believe, have faith or be dead. Then he would bring me home here in Montana & we would have a discussion about the important things he has done nothing to help; the environment, overpopulation, christians who would kill women for having an abortion or kill gay people just for being gay. He would eliminate all those types of idiots. I could go on but I think you get my drift.

I enjoyed reading that. It starts off with me confused as to what you're saying, and the more I read, the more evident your point became. That was very well done.

Yes, yes, yes

When (?) he knocks on my door he'll get it slammed in his face, and no doubt all the Jews who died in the holocaust will too - as one of them said "If there is a god, he will have a lot of explaining to do. I wouldn't waste my mind speaking to him.


I say all he/she has to do is just speak up! This is what I always ask my religious friends . If God created everything is all powerfull ect. ect. Why can't he just say hello?

Marko Level 1 Nov 13, 2017

He keep sending us powerful hurricanes because we keep masturbating. Can't you hear the howling? 😀

The problem is, he DOES speak to an awful lot of people. The fact that they are all insane doesn't stop them believing, but it certainly stops me.


If Satan allows me to sign a contract to get my money, women, and Trump in a Mexican Jail.

To believe in Satan is to believe in God


@Major8 - I think this was a joke.......


Much like Bigfoot and Nessie, I require irrefutable physical evidence that would withstand the rigorous scrutiny of science. Nothing else would be sufficient for me.

sol65 Level 3 Nov 5, 2017

I would believe in a god if it presented itself to me in no uncertain terms. Like I believe in gravity.

Behold, god stands at the door and knocks. If you open the door and let him in, then he will not do all those bad things he's going to do to you if you do not open the door. Sorry. That's how religion works.


if he put a new paint job on my truck , it needs new paint


If someone could scientifically explain how any deity's miracles apply to the laws of nature

Exactly my thoughts


Tangible evidence ... valid proof.


I'm convinced that it's impossible to prove the existence of god. Only god itself could possibly make me abandon logic and reason and believe in god. So far, I'm unconvinced.


We live in the Milky Way galaxy. It has 1 billion stars. There are millions of galaxies. I can't believe the God of the universe wrote a book for us to live by. We are only one little planet. The biomass of bacteria on earth is many, many times more than the biomass of humans. The idea that we have a personal relationship with a God is only a manifestation of our ego.


Make farts smell like fabreeze.

that's easy, just drink a bottle of it.


If Jesus actually came to me and introduced himself to me and delivered my late wife back to me whole and well. That's it.


Nothing! as I am very happy never ever having had one - I also have never ever owned a mobile phone and i hate them with a vengeance and will never have one.

I was born into an atheist family and I never believed. I am curious why do you not like mobile phones? I felt the same way about them at one time but I've turned to the dark side and now I have one. Besides they don't make payphones any more

@paul1967 I saw a cartoon once that said it all - a man was on his mobile and his partner was saying if I strapped my phone to my head I could believe you were looking at me. I don't like them because I feel they take peopel away from this moment - I know you can switch them off but I know so many people who are addicted to answering the phones and I do think - "Well am I not enough company here? we came out together and now your with your invisible friend ! Its probably an age thing too I am 70 yrs old and I do know many proficient users who are in their eighties - but I just like to be with whoever I am with.


I can't make that distinction. That's why I worship my remote control. 🙂


Winning the lottery may help but then I never ask god because it is pointless.


A person encounter and perhaps seeing someones prayers being answered. Prayer and the lack of response is one reason I am a "skeptic"


I don't know.

But a God would. So if it wants me to believe, it knows what to do.


Actual proof! Scientific, verifiable, reproducible, tangible physical PROOF. God actually showing up would be a nice start. .But he will have to PROVE that he did it,


Hmm. Well, whatever it is it would certainly have to happen while I was 100% sober .. and awake ...

My friend who invited me here always brags that he holds the absolute true spirit in his hand and the spirit is in a bottle 😀

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