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Are you an open or closet agnostic/atheist, and why?

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I am an open atheist because it is important for people to know that atheists can be good people, and I try to be an example of that. If we are more open about our views, more people will feel like they can come out as well without being judged.

@memetolva I think you just paraphrased Marx there. I would disagree and assert that professional sports has replaced religion, at least here, as "the opium of the people." One good thing about the Trump presidency is that it has so clearly exposed the blatant moral hypocracy of the evangelical right. So there's that.


I am a closet atheist at the moment because I would lose a lot of friendships/relationships. Working up the courage to "come out" is harder than it looks!

I'll be open one day.

Unfortunately admitting you're an atheist or non-believer of any level can be damaging to your career, friendships, and family life . it would certainly be nice to be able to be totally upfront and honest, but I don't feel an overwhelming need to profess my atheism

I keep my religious, political, and cultural views to myself at work. I try to be open everywhere else. Still I stand in awe of those people in the south who advertise on their cars etc of their open atheism

I'm in a similar boat, but I am getting old enough and tired enough of tiptoeing around that I'm looking to actively let folks know so that I can live honestly with myself. I don't hide the fact that I'm a Cubs fan, a runner, or that I love watching comedies. I'm hopeful that they will understand or that I will eventually find a more like minded cohort.

In fact, I've started this process already, and have been pleasantly surprised. One of my friends (who had asked me to proofread some of her papers for seminary) has been pretty supportive. We still talk almost every day, just like we have for years.

I am also in the closet about my being an atheist as well. My mother is dying of cancer and I feel that coming out will only hurt my relationship with her. Since this is her 4th bout with cancer, and treatment is not working, she is clinging to religion for hope. She has less than a year before she is gone (according to her doctors less time). Already lost my adapted father to cancer and my biological father to lymphoma. My wife and kids know, but the rest of my family is strong southern baptist.


I was an agnostic for a while until I actually sat down and read the was after that I became a die-hard atheist.

Would you call it an empiphany? "Until I actually sat down and read the Bible"....

@Philosopearl I've read the damn thing for research purposes. Long before Rashomon there was The Bible. A bunch of people telling contradictory versions of events which occurred decades before it was written. Reading it didn't shift me from being agnostic; it just gave me deeper bemusement at the thought that The Bible is a literal truth. Have believers even read it?


Open if asked. Frankly telling people seems as invasive as being religious and having to preach. If someone is interested I'll gladly tell them.

Do you withhold posting about it on social media because you see it as preaching?

I agree with Raven. I think one's personal beliefs, or non-beliefs, are a private matter. I certainly don't like being preached at, and I try not to do it to others.

No I don't hold back on Social Media - it's whether it's appropriate to the conversation or not.


Open, in the sense that if it comes up then I'll happily talk about being atheist. But if it's not relevant to the conversation, then I won't be the one to bring it up. Not a big fan of preachy, aggressive people whether their atheist or theist!


Militant Open atheist. I want change to a secular society where decisions are based on science and reason, not dogma and rhetoric. Religion is poison, we have no use for it, apart from if you are a psychopath who needs money and power.

Here Here...

exactly right

Good for you! I also understand the risks of 'coming out' in certain communities. Even in some countries, atheists are still being killed.


I'm open about it, even though black people do not seem to respect it or there are many of it. That kept me from coming about earlier. But being 59 now, I don't really care what my family thinks anymore.

Black people show how strong religious brainwashing really is. In Africa, the christian religion wasn't even known when the slaves were being taken. Only a few generations afterwards and Jesus is on the name of nearly every black person in the United States as if it were an ancient tradition. It's unbelievable how quickly and deeply the brainwashing can get when it comes to religion, but it's good to see you've woken up from it. It couldn't have been easy.

Black only has Jesus to clung to during slavery, since this life was so awful, they could look to death for happiness. We still cling to that belief. And no it was not easy being black and atheist, I have Mexicanatheist friends who have the same problems.


I own a business in the Bible Belt. sigh. Closet it is for me.


Living in the bible belt where it's hard to throw a rock without hitting a church, I'm still in the closet to about 80% of the folks around here. My parents weren't religious and didn't go to church except for funerals and the odd wedding. My maternal grandparents, however, were Fire Baptized Holiness and church services my Granny took me to as a child scared the crap out of me. Kids around me were being scared into belief. I was lucky and got scared skeptical. Most people I knew were fairly smart and logical on everyday things but when it came to religion and their god, those same people were dumb as a sack of rocks it seemed. Logic was out the window. I learned that if you ask too many questions in church, you don't have to go to church anymore.

I bet you have lots of interesting stories you could share. When time permits, if you feel inclined, please educate me/us on some of the "scared into belief" stories. You can share it as a post, as part of this thread, or my inbox. Just a request ????????


I don’t get in people’s faces but:
I would join a march.
I would be in a debate if asked.
I have a bumper sticker that announces to all that “I am going to hell in every religion”
I try not to inflame reactions while not backing down from argument.
I try to keep a sense of humor.

gearl Level 8 Oct 23, 2017

I want one of those stickers.


I'm an open atheist.
I remember as a small child sitting in Sunday school and thinking, "They're making all this stuff up just to trick us small kids." However after hearing that my parents and grandparents believed it, I spent years trying to believe and was convinced I might go to hell because I had doubts. This sort of brainwashing is an awful thing to do to any child.

Indeed it is awful 🙂


Loud and proud. I get nasty looks from people when I walk around with my I DON"T BELIEVE IN GOD! T-shirt. I get stopped from time to time and asked, why do you advertise my Atheism, it's obnoxious. You got to love how hypocritical they are, and it's a little sad they can't see it. I had one person ask me why I wear an Atheist shirt at the same time she wore a shirt that said "Believe" in cursive at an angle across her chest. I had to point out the hypocrisy.

Cool, and I agree the delusion is sad.

the believers, are very sure without any prove. So sad smart people religion turns them to be stupid.
No facts, no logic no prove
Their strong believe ,it is worthless to me

I can not wear something like that, I think it is dangerous, someone might kill me. As happened not long ago in a university in Pakistan.
It is not right to be afraid with a t shirt like that, on the other hand , they are too many sick people around.
bravo to you, I admire you.

@tonia I can say that I respect you for being smart and not risking your life. You are far too valuable to risk having some idiot come along and kill you for wearing a t-shirt. You have my respect.

My kids got me a Born Again Pagan Tee shirt, done in Gothic script years ago. I made a point to wear it to the grocery store on Sundays around 1PM. As near as I can tell none of these peeps can read. Yesterday I wore my Rosie Muscle " Not My President " hoodie to Wall Mart. I got some startled looks but zero shit from anybody. I have a " Nasty Woman" tee that I will wear to the march on the 24th. The first time I wore any of these items out, I thought there was a possibility I could be attacked. I guess if I have the balls to buy these things and wear them, that people realize I'm prepared to back it up.


Foot out of Closet. My family is unaware, my friends aren't. My parents are both religious and I don't want to ruin my relationship with them.


Don't feel bad for you are not alone. I know people who are stuck in that same predicament, and religious folks can be difficult when confronted. Your friends know so that may be enough for now🙂

@sloryd One of my sisters know, told her when I ran into her the other day and just told her while talking to her. She's not religious either and can understand legitimate reasons I don't share that with my parents.


I'm open with everyone, all the time. It got exhausting to hide, and when I grew up and had my own life going, I didn't really have a reason to. I've lost friends and my relationship with certain family members has suffered somewhat, but I reached the point where I was willing to take that risk in order to be my authentic self. That sounds really douchey (I can't believe I just said "authentic self" but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Having the character and courage to be your "authentic self" is commendable! Welcome to


Openly humanist/agnostic. Seems rare in my area and representation is important. Also nips religious-based event invitations in the bud.


I am an open Agnostic Atheist. I think that when people get more comfortable with the idea that good kind and intelligent people have no beliefs in dieties they will be more open to questioning their own ideas.


Open, but not "in your face." I don't initiate debate or wear a sign, but I'm not shy about saying what I think if somebody else brings up the topic.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 24, 2018

I am open to those closest to me. The community I live in would probably burn my quirky ass at the stake if I was completely open.

I know that feeling!


open and proud. it actually helps prevent religious conversations around me. there are even a couple others at work like me 🙂

Grats on finding the coworkers!


Open. Glad to be counted with those who don't have an imaginary friend.


Open. I wore my Antitheist t-shirt to work one day. Didn't go over too well. LOL
I was asked not to wear it again.

I’m guessing you’re also outspoken. (?)

Pretty much. I certainly don't pretend to be religious.

love it, I have a sterling silver "A" pendant (the atheist A) I wear every day, no one has ever asked me about it LOL


Open agnostic since I was 16, everyone knows about my beliefs.

Andza Level 1 Sep 29, 2017

Wonderful! Welcome to ????????

Please excuse the question marks. I didn't intend them.


I am open about my beliefs. I believe in the scientific method and evidence based reasoning. Being confrontational with believers is not my style, unless I am being confronted or someone tries to dictate how things should go based on their religious dogma.


I'm an open atheist, trying to do my part to un-closet current and future atheists, and rid this country of the taboo around atheism. Hopefully I'll live to see an atheist elected President.


I'm 100% open about my relationship with reality.

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