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Why do Atheist like to talk about God so much?

AstralSmoke 8 Aug 27

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Because they religious always forget that little thing called 'separation of church and state'. Pisses me off no end. Plus I'm surrounded by the idiots 😟


Perhaps for the same reason that victims of abuse talk about their abusers.


That is perfectly it. I suppose some of us also plot against religion too, and you cannot do that to easily without talking about their imaginary fascist in the sky.


For the same reason Gun Control advocates talk about guns.
Why is this complicated for you?

This! 🙂


Why do doctors like to talk about disease so much?

I don’t know any doctors that like to talk about disease.

@HoracioMai You might try listening to Dr. Fauci's comments, perhaps CDC, many Internet doctors websites.

@HoracioMai u don’t have any close friends that are docs or nurses .


For me, it's a matter of believers constantly trying to force everyone else to live the
way THEY think everyone should.
Believers influence public policy, and that effects everyone.
They insinuate themselves into other people's health care and civil rights.
They prevent LGBTQ et al citizens from being able to adopt or foster children.
For decades they prevented same-sex marriage, and still try to do so.
They protect child predators, and have no problem with the religious indoctrination and
abuse of children.

I could go on, but do I really have to? Do you get the point?

I am covered . Thank u ma’am ♥️♥️♥️


I feel tired of posts about god on this website. Yours is another one.

When I joined, I hoped to share with like-minded people.

As an atheist since age 13, I have no interest in gods. I don't speculate, think or talk about invisible deities.

My only post that mentioned it was:

Why All the Posts About God?


I don’t talk about unicorns so much, because unicorn believers do not insist that I believe in them, also, and that we need more unicorns in the school curriculum, and that we need to base our government on the belief in unicorns. I’m not so sure that theists will be able to extrapolate from this that it explains why I talk about god so much. There’s no evidence to suggest that they are capable of much in the way of cerebral functioning.

Yes! These Fantasy’s or lies are repeated so often it becomes their reality. Mental health issues run rampant with psychotic bullshit. The poor man suffers as they give their to false prophets that promise some god will save their souls and live forever in some neverland propaganda.


Disliked talking about it 10 years ago when I was much less knowledgeable and conversations really went nowhere as I had no "ammo", just my lack of being convinced. Now I'm "armed to the teeth" and want to share, and if not outright deconvert, at least cause a moderation in convictions.

I have given up trying to reason with those who cannot see reason.

@anglophone Perhaps such cases could benefit from a heavy dose of ridicule? Could at least be cathartic, depending on your personality.

@Rossy92 I and others have found that ridicule merely drives such numbskulls deeper into their own ghettos of irrationality. I must admit to smirking when Jehovah's Witnesses last less than 2 minutes in my company. The last pair ran away from me as fast they could.

@anglophone Option #3 dispassionate, disengaged, dismissal until they go away. Sounds like you aren't absent some such instincts.


You are only hearing the ones who do. I don't, unless asked. I suspect many are like me.


Because "God" and his minions are a real threat to everything I believe in, mainly SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK AND ROLL! 🙂


Don't think "like" is the correct descriptive. More like for the betterment of society, feel compelled to clean the mess.

Kind of like a walking trail where a bunch of dogs shit in the path, because we don't want to step in the shit and recognize it is not healthy for others to step (and slide) in dog shit, we clear the path to mitigate the damage produced by dogs that like to shit in the public space.

Fabulous analogy!


@LovinLarge Agreed


Just imagine a world without delusional people stumbling about with their imaginary friends like a monkey on their back. Being an Atheist is like being a sane person who has become trapped in an insane asylum from which there is no escape, naturally the topic of madness comes up in conversation as result.


atheists talk about god just like doctors talk about ailments and cancer.

Basem Level 7 Aug 28, 2020

Why do Democrats talk about Trump so much?

Sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to try and explain how so many people can believe the unbelievable.

The democrats are obsessed with getting rid of Trump. Hell they’ve been trying to overthrow him ever since he took office. I hope we have 4 more year of his presidency myself.

@Trajan61 that is one sci-fi wish that I hope faulted sooner than later. He too his using the an evangelical platform and push religious rights. Why would I want more of the same garbage. With all due respect I completely disagree. Didn’t we leave one queen to to separate church from government?

@Trajan61 Your choice of words is incorrect. Allow me to educate you.

Democrats have never once attempted to "overthrow" Trump. That word implies an illegal revolt, as when we overthrew George III's dominance. Democrats in Congress impeached Trump, as provided for in the Constitution, which is the law of the land. The Senate then held a trial, also provided for in the Constitution, and acquitted him.

The point of impeachment is not reversing the results of the election, as alleged repeatedly by Republicans. It is accusing a President of high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump will always and forever be known as the 4th president in our history who was impeached, and nothing his defenders say will change that.

@Trajan61 If anything, it's Trump who has attempted to overthrow the rule of law.

Trump has declared himself the nation’s chief law enforcement official. He has pardoned a raft of corrupt officials. He has exacted revenge on those he sees as his impeachment enemies — Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the decorated military veteran and national security staffer; and Gordon Sondland, Trump’s own handpicked ambassador to the European Union — simply because they testified under subpoena to what they knew about the White House’s dealings with Ukraine. He praises foreign dictators and fails to criticize concentration camps and the murder of opposition politicians and journalists; indeed, he seems to envy the powers of the authoritarian.

He has declared that "voting by mail" in states with Democrat governors is going to lead to a rigged election, but "absentee voting" in states with Republican governors is perfectly safe, and as much as announced that he won't accept any election result except "Trump wins"- thereby attacking the underpinnings of our democracy and the peoples' faith in our nation. He calls the media the "enemy of the people" and refuses to see how this leads to pipe bombs in reporters' mailboxes.

Trump has told over 20,000 verified lies since his inauguration- not just exaggerations, but lies. Lies like taking credit for legislation that President Obama signed into law (Veteran's Choice). Lies like claiming over and over that the economy was in ruins when he took office, but he somehow turned it around (job growth was actually slower the first 3 years of Trump's term than in the last 3 years of Obama's presidency). Lies like "It's just one person from China" and "One day it will disappear, like magic".

Trump is at war with the truth. He's at war with democracy. Trump is at war with America.


For the same reason firefighters talk about fire so much.


To be precise, atheists generally tend to talk against belief in god rather than "about god" . Billions of believers talk about god all over the world every single day. No comparison with atheists who talk against/about god not so much when we consider the amount of preaching and praying that goes on all the time.

I have no doubt that gods and religion have been and remain terribly harmful to the human species. The more we explain and expose the delusions of believers, the better for us all


"Why do Atheist like to talk about God so much?"

If you mean why do atheists like to talk about god so much, then the answer is that they don't.


Because religious beliefs are causing incalculable damage to the environment and human happiness.

Here's just one reason why. There are many.

The Bible teaches us that humankind is naturally sinful, i.e. evil. So many faithful subconsciously won't trust anybody. That's why we need armies and police forces, jails and judges.

One more: The Bible teaches people to think dichotomously: good vs evil, night and day, plant or animal, etc. Almost everything is nature is a shade of gray. So 2,000 years later an imbecilic like W, Bush will say: You're either with us or with the terrorists.

One more. The idea that my parents accomplishments are my own. Like D. Trump. We did inherit the sin of Adam and Eve, right?


Because God doesn't talk back...


Some of us just find it interesting. A lot of us have come from religious backgrounds and are still surrounded by believers and need to vent. And, in the US, far right Evangelicals are actively trying to use the government to force their beliefs onto the rest of us, so that inspires some of us atheists to talk about god and religion.

You can take a far right Evangelical to logic, but you cannot make him think.


He can and does think, but he does so illogically

@Klodzan A point of semantics: if somebody thinks illogically, can he really be said to think?


I post about atheists almost exclusively. But religious people legislate for their beliefs and that is important to expose.


I don't talk much about god. (Which god, by the way?) However, I talk a lot about the cognitive deficiencies of Bible thumpers.

I practice the same.


Penis envy.


Because theists continually inflict religion upon us. We don't talk about any particular god, specifically, but about religion.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 27, 2020

Atheism, and/or agnosticism, is what links all of us on this site together, so why is it at all remarkable that we discuss gods? On a website dedicated to veganism one would expect to find many people opposed to the meat industry discussing it and various issues that arise from it; here, we are opposed to belief in and worship of supernatural deities, and we discuss various issues that arise from that.

Jnei Level 8 Aug 27, 2020
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