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Why do Atheist like to talk about God so much?

AstralSmoke 8 Aug 27

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I never talk about a god unless someone else starts a conversation on the topic.

Same here.


I don't talk about


False statement as a question. Poor posting. Below I have said why.


Because godbothers try to legislate their made-up nonsense so often. Calling them on their irrationalist bullshit is an attempt to counter that.


It would definitely make a difference if everyone stopped talking about God and had faith in Humanity to develop a system without the supernatural .


My experience is quite the reverse. I'm used to religious people bringing God into the conversation, but the non-believers I meet almost never do.


If you mean on this site it wouldn't be much of a conversation as there are very few "atheists" here.
As many of the members here appear to be struggling to come to terms with their Christian indoctrination it is not surprising that religion is a common topic.

@VeronikaAnnJ Without actually doing a head count I would guess that the majority of members on here call themselves "agnostic"
As for a few people despising religion , is it surprising when you consider the evils perpetuated in it's name.

What are you talking about? Atheists comprise the highest proportion of members here, followed by freethinkers and agnostics. Check the profile stats. Only a few atheists? Hardly. Struggling to overcome indoctrination? Again hardly. @Moravian you should check the stats as well.

Also, atheists aren't talking to god, unless you mean saying "Oh God" which is an exclamation, like when we say "Well fuck me!"

@AstralSmoke your post is a false statement as a question. I dislike such posts.

@David1955 Out of interest I checked the profiles of people who follow my posts. Why they do I don't know but out of 16. 8 are agnostics,7 are atheist and i is a believer.
More atheists than I would have thought'
I have read several posts by people who are struggling to overcome Christian indoctrination. One of the first people to block me was a lady who was upset at the realisation that there was no heaven. I was obviously less than sympathetic so she blocked me.
By the way the original poster said atheists speak about god not "speak to god".
Finally I do not call myself an atheist, I just am, and living in a country where believers are in the minority the onus is on theists to be labelled not the other way round.

@David1955 I guess it depends how you read it. Look at the new posts. There are usually about 50% that have something to do with 'God'. Plus, I wanted to post something that would get a large response (I need points 😉). I normally post about things I consider important (at least to me and humanity in general). This post proves my point. If I mention God there will be a large number of people who respond, including yourself.

@AstralSmoke for many of us it is because we despise religion, the dangerous notion of a monotheistic god, and engage with other people who imagine a world without this nonsense.

@Moravian I was referring to the actual stats from the site (profile questions) in which people declare their positions, and of all the positions atheist is still higher.

@David1955 I understand your point and many of the points made throughout this post. I just find it a bit bewildering why so many are absorbed by something they say doesn't exist. I personally don't let it into my mind very often. I treat it like the poison it is. I have been to atheist meetings and they are even worse. People talk less about god in church. I try with my questions to get people to look at life differently. It works about as well as trying to convert someone to atheism.


LMAO - I've noticed that on here & have wondered that myself! I think if you view all the comments to this post, the general consensus is a combination of trauma and/or venting extreme frustration with religious viewpoints. (Which I had already inferred by reading many posts on religion btw.) I honestly thought I'd be seeing many more academically oriented posts when I initially joined - boy was I wrong!

Nunya Level 6 Aug 28, 2020

I'm really enjoying the sheer variety of comments on this post -- I do think the OP has a point here though that athiests might talk about god more than agnostics do. Possibly because many want to prove something to some audience, where I think most agnostics don't care about putting out the effort.

Right on.
During my 52 years of agnosticism I had more interesting things to do. I came out as an atheist and I visit this website often.

@sarbot I think agnostics talk about god a lot more than atheists because they think god is a possibility. Personally I talk about god very rarely even though I am surrounded by believers. I also would like a head count of agnostics vs. atheists here as I think it would be distributed pretty evenly. Personally I am sick of the whole agnostic vs. atheist thing and it's usually agnostics who bring it up.


I don't suppose they do. I'd be willing to bet that if everyone else in the world kept his name out they mouth, we'd all be perfectly happy doing the same.


Creating a mass generalization such as that is the act of a small mind.


Who says?


I never talk about god(s) unless we’re in a historical or archeological discussion.


Nice try. They don't! Last thing on their minds.


Maybe some are not so sure about what to believe.


the link between atheism and fundamentalism is pretty well documented i think. "Atheism" is at its core just another religion, a similar but diff group with "Gnossis," iow another bunch of ppl who believe they "know" something? He who says he knows does not yet know as he ought So really they are just "believers" of a diff stripe i think

Atheism is not a religion! The current definition that many atheists follow, including myself, is that atheism is a lack of belief in any gods. That's it. PERIOD! There are no rituals. There is no BELIEF! It's just that nobody has provided me ANY credible evidence for any gods in 20+ years of asking. So, don't make this insulting mistake again please.

@ohmiagato "Atheism is not a religion!" lol if you stamp your foot while youre saying that it might help 🙂
but srsly, i think Atheism has as many definitions as there are people, probably. Fwiw i srsly doubt the Old White Guy in the White Robe myself, ok. Why look for evidence for something intangible? A "spirit" eh? peace

i did not make the links between atheism and fundamentalism btw


Because, the religious does. And, it is so annoying....


I guess we do it to piss off the opposition. It really is a waste of time because, for me religion is not the issue. The issue is "heaven". You know, that supernatural realm where magic happens. The human imagination has created this place where immaterial entities of all sorts reside. Since the supernatural realm doesn't exist, except in a believers mind, all the rest is just BS. GROG

GROG Level 6 Aug 28, 2020

I'm not aware of any atheists who talk about god. If there are some, maybe they're not 0% atheists. I don't know. But atheists aren't like vegans or evangelicals who spend a lot of time trying to convert the masses. (Some vegans aren't like this, but a lot are.)

AlexO Level 1 Aug 28, 2020

Perhaps for exactly the same reason that God Mobsters try to convert atheists, Muslims, Jews, Pastafarians, Shinto, Confucians, Dreamtimers, Hindus and Mayans to their own particular flavour of Christianity.

  1. There is a group that keeps pushing for special rights based on the religion of this god, and they even never name the god as if it was the unique of this kind.

  2. The whole right to impose stuff start when this god (aka YHWH) exists, control universe etc. So showing that this god don't exist or in case of existence is not a desirable god is always a useful exercise when


Because he is our worse nightmare! Lol

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