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Am I the only atheist that doesn’t smoke pot?

PeppermintDreads 7 Apr 20

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Can't smoke pot because of drug tests, can't drink because I'd never stop, and can't eat babies because I'm vegan. Can't do any of that Atheist stuff.

@PeppermintDreads Or a scrumptious mid-day BABY BURGER!


I don't smoke anything but ham.

Mokvon Level 8 Apr 21, 2018

I don’t smoke it, either. I had tried it a very long time ago and hated the feeling it gave me. It always baffles me that, when people hear this, they tend to try and convince me that it was just a fluke and I should keep trying different kinds. I mean, why make continued efforts to gain another vice? I’ve got enough of those already.

Leeshi Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

I've gotten that, too. I've even been told that it wasn't pot. lol

“It must have been laced with something.” “You just haven’t tried the right one.” “Not all of them will effect you like that.” Ugh!

If you think pot is a vice, you’ve already derailed...

One thing about “pot” is that you can grow it yourself or only get it from growers you do trust.
This is why it’s important to realize that cannabis is not a drug...

They definitely do sometime lace commercial weed!

Often it’s doused in soda-pop to make it stick together in bricks...

I tried something laced many years ago. I liked it. Never touched it again. If I liked it that much I would have liked it more the next time. Just like sex.


I don't smoke pot. I don't do drugs of any kind and I don't even drink alcohol. So no you're not alone.


I used to smoke it years ago, tried to again and it's not the same for me! I am for legalizing it, I have seen it's benefits but on me, not good!

just the same as me


I don't smoke it. I try to take care of my lungs....I only have 2

twill Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

Eat it... Vape it!

You’ll need the cancer-killing power of cannabinoids as your ENDO-cannibinoid system has just not evolved yet up to the carcinogen challenges modern tech-society has been throwing at it...

@Ungod Edibles are good. I indulge about once a month or so

@twill - Yeah... Not to just dispute, but I have sampled edible after edible and haven’t gotten even a mild a buzz once!

My only point is that canniboids are actually health promoting, disease preventing essential chemicals, that the body produces to protect it from various disease causing agents and stressors.

It is actually GOOD for your lungs!
I know this may (or may not!) sound incredible to you (and others!).

I am just trying to spread the word and hopefully more people will look into these things...

@Ungod Yes, I'm not sure I've met regular smokers who like edibles. They are different. IDK about the health benefits to lungs and disease prevention, but it seems that the tar, nicotine and assorted pesticides and herbicides would outweigh it.

@twill -
The main reason I don’t even consider edibles is that they always involve consuming excess sugar, fat and alcohol.

I am pretty sure weed smoke has NO nicotine.
I can’t tolerate cigarette smoke - one cigarette will disable me.
I can be in the largest of rooms and detect even a little cigarette smoke from far away - even when others cant.

Weed smoke has not been shown to create cancers anyway.

Your really can’t assume or generalize effectively with human physiology. Especially the untrained person!!
What works or doesn’t. Happens or not, is really all that matters eventually...

Pesticides and herbicides are hardly unique to weed, IF they are being used.
And why would anyone put herbicide on an herb they want to grow??

Anyway I t’s easy enough to grow your own or buy from growers you trust - I don’t advocate consuming unknown street weed, especially these days!

I’m not saying there are no dangers - though I haven’t heard of any credible ones.

I just say don’t believe the hype - there is a LOT of disinformation being spread nowadays!!

I am hoping people will actually look into things rather than accept everything they hear.


I haven't for about the last 10 years, I was once a daily toker.

Stay clean

@Taotsahf yes it's not a problem, I've never craved weed since I quit.

I once stayed clean for 10 years. Now I’m a daily toker... AGAIN!

@Ungod That's sad....

@buzz13 YOU are a judgemental SNOB !!


I don't think they have anything to do with eachother. I smoke it Every nite so I can go to sleep. Been smoking it for about 40 years ! I'd really rather not smoke it much but it really works 🙂

I don't see the correlation and cannabis is better than tobacco and way better than booze and other controlled drugs.

Milk, particularly organic, and Valerian have far fewer side effects.

@LeighShelton its not toxic or damaging dude. ?? Just not for everyone maybe. Drugs don't stop epilepsy like pot .. virtually no side effects long or short term. For me a medical miracle ..

@Nickbeee you obviously don't encounter many addicts who need a bowl as soon as they wake up to be followed at half hourly intervals and are paranoidly disfunctional in their brains. They would probably be better off lobotomised.

@FrayedBear Hahahahahahaha!!!! I love you too bruh lol

Wow.. Just flying my space trumpet around Lake Titicaca, I'll be back in a tangerine.

@FrayedBear I agree Milk has awesome effects!!!

@Nickbeee it used to enable my sleeping in an uncomfortable rail car for at least an hour on my daily commute.

@Nickbeee I can do that without drugs. I can also give myself an orgasm without a woody, partner or equipment.
What can you do unassisted.

I am one of those paranoid types and I got sectioned too but it should still be legal I think. I think all drugs should be legal so there cleaner with no dealers and there's money to help the addictive natured people like myself. I have suffered badly as a binge drinker and was very close to being a full-on pisshead too and that shit with tobacco is legal.

@FrayedBear - Yeah right... I once knew a guy who told me he could give his girlfriend an orgasm over the phone!

@Ungod Don't even need the phone...just schedule it for a certain time or event like when it hails or if she is religious during mass on Sunday.

@FrayedBear - And John Redcorn did WONDERS for the “migraine headaches” of Dale Gribble’s wife...

@FrayedBear - That’s krazee of course. Milk causes many people to react terribly with vomiting and disease. My brother had this problem his whole life.

When I gave up milk, my digestion improved incredibly.

Weed helped me to change my diet for the better...

@Ungod Who is John Redcorn and Dale Gribble and wife? An American exorcism? Got one of those only about 30 klms away.

@Ungod And my sister was allergic to her first husband. He brought her out in hives.
Milk and peanut allergies. Didn't they only start occurring about 100 years after Monsanto started trading? Or was it when they took the cocaine out of coca cola? ?


I also don't smoke pot. I used to, but after some time I realized all it did was make me lazy and hungry. I've decided that I enjoy being sober more than being on drugs, especially during sex.

It wouldn't be worth the potential arrest record and loss of my job for me. I'll just have a glass of red 😉


The last time I tried it I was in my early 20's and I became paranoid! I can do paranoid well enough without enhancing it with weed!!


No. I don't smoke. In my opinion, breathing in any kind of smoke whether tobacco, weed, or whatever just seems stupid.

It’s just not smoke , even oxygen kills but it would take 80 years to do it.


I don't smoke period


I've never noticed a connection between pot and atheism, but I'm part of both groups. I was diagnosed and treated for brain cancer in January 06, the most aggressive and lethal form that comes with a median life expectancy of 16 months and a group of 2% that make it 5 years. I still battle seizures and depression, but have found pot to be the best health supplement I've ever experienced. I smoke daily and will until I die, expecting that won't happen for a very long time thanks to my decision to keep my endocannabinoid system running on high, pun intended. Every now and then I get intense headaches, but have determined that's the THC killing the promised recurrence.

Blimey, that's a tough place to be. All the best to you, fella.

@DaveMania Given what I've been through, I am thriving. Depression is the most thing to treat, and cannabis helps with that too, except only short term and requiring frequent re-dosing. I'm beyond taking care of myself. I do some public address announcing and golf in the low 80s, occasionally breaking into the 70s.


No you're not 🙂


I don't smoke anything any more. I'm done putting stuff in my lungs that doesn't belong there. Pot makes a fine cookie though.


No...I don't smoke or use any drugs. I don't even drink alcohol. I'm very interested in good health and proper nutrition.

I agree with you, proper nutrition and appropriate physical exercise are means to good health, unless you relate use of multiple herbs and supplements as proper nutrition. Pot is my singular herbal medicine. ? I once was on opiates, muscle relaxers, nerve pills, sleep aids and three blood pressure pills just to endure the pain from my back injury to maintain daily functions. The side effects were horrible. Now, pot, one blood pressure pill, ibuprofen and no horrible side effects.


Nah. I don't either.


No, there are at least two of us.




I don't; but if it becomes legal, I'll damn sure try it.


Well, I’m Agnostic and I don’t smoke it. I know Atheists who don’t either. However, I know lots of Christians and Atheists who do.

So don’t feel bad or alone.


I dont...I work a government job...Something about pot and explosives...


I’m not a fan of altered states. Hate how it smells. However, I don’t think it should be illegal, and any medical uses should definitely be explored and utilized.


...However: in the brief period when I was 19 and not yet drug tested, I will admit to being wrecked one day after work. We had the munchies, but knew none of us should drive. The only thing in the house to eat was Braunschweiger (liver pâté😉, onions, and Wonder Bread. We were eating our sandwiches when my friend Jim said, “Ya know, Braunschweiger is basically lips and assholes. They should call this stuff Buttwurst.” “Buttwurst?!” I shrieked; “What a great name for the kitten!” And so little Buttwurst and I spent many years telling new veterinarians the story of her name when they asked what this cute little cat was called. ❤️


No, I don't drink and don't smoke either drugs or tobacco and am generally a riot at parties too.
Ok I lied about the last thing.

I’ve never seen a party YET I can’t buzz kill!

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