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Am I the only atheist that doesn’t smoke pot?

PeppermintDreads 7 Apr 20

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Ha no. Never Have taken illegal drugs, have never been drunk (I drink, (and brew beer and even have a second part time job with a local craft brewery) but for enjoyment not to alter my state). I even stopped taking laughing gas while getting my wisdom teeth out because I hated the out of control feeling it gave me. Never have smoked tobacco, either.

PDF Level 5 July 16, 2018

I don’t either.


I have no problem with people doing it or being around people while they do it, but I have no interest personally.


I don't either until I can get some more. I'm in a rural mormon area.


I don't smoke pot either or cigs but I do love woman ....

Riki64 Level 5 June 24, 2018

@emmawolf I am way to old for you , I am 64 but I do look really young for my age ...

You smoke women?



Tomas Level 7 June 24, 2018

I don't smoke anything. I'll try weed maybe once every 5 years.


Non smoker. Never smoked in my life.



I'm 44 and have never tried pot, but a friend's wife recently died and he gave me her last bit....that was over a week ago and I still haven't found the right time to try it.


I've never tried it either, brother.


The pot only smokes around me if I’m creating a kitchen disaster.


Nope! My drug of choice is offee. I experimented a lot in my teens; by the time I was subject to DOT drug screens at work, I had long since grown out of that phase.


You can take cannabis in more ways than smoking, which doesn't give people enough THC to cure cancer- it takes cannabis oil. Or you can take CBD oil, which also calms people, raises their moods and is legal most places.
It also cures seizures and other problems.

@okiestache Where have you been? People have been curing cancer with THC since the 1970s. The internet is crammed with stories, and even the official cancer website admits THC kills cancer cells without harming human ones, but keeps saying it hasn't been officially endorsed by the cancer society.

Mainly because chemo therapy and radiation, which recent studies in the U.K. show kills patients within 15 years of treatment for 50% of patients, is a billion dollar industry.
People who announce alternate cures in their clinics have been turning up dead in droves. So many in the past few years that it's forced alternate cancer care givers into hiding. You might try reading more.

@okiestache Do a google/youtube search for CANNABIS CURES CANCER and THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM...

@Ungod, @okiestache Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer []

BBC News - Growing evidence that cannabis oil can cure serious diseases like cancer []


I don't either personally it's irritating for me to hang with most ppl who do because they get so low mellow but I have met some ppl hyper who definitely are more enjoyable to know as a pot smoker vs non

I am one more like dat...


I don't smoke pot or use cannabis in any form. Found out I am allergic to it as it makes me extrememly paranoid and violently ill. It is just not worth it for me. For relaxation I take a walk in the woods. Works everytime!

OFTEN, weed can show you things you may need to remove from your diet or surroundings.

It can also be used to face fears that are deep in your conscious that may need to be addressed.

Just sayin...

@Ungod I'll pass on the violent vomit, thanks.

What inFUCK is “VIOLENT VOMIT” !?!

@Ungod Guess you've never been that sick - you're lucky.

@Fanburger Why do you say that? I don't put anybody down for smoking pot. I don't think it is crap to get high or take cannabis in some other form. I just can't do it myself because it makes me sick. How is that "crap"?

@LindaEnger - I understand vomiting violently (a poor description, imho), but I am thoroughly at a loss as to what constitutes VIOLENT VOMIT !!


Nope. Never done it myself. I’ve never taken any drugs.

Never had an inoculation? No childhood illnesses? Never had a drink or sampled food cooked in alcohol? Is all your food grown in laboratories? You’ve been eating organically grown meats and vegetables all your life? Do you BREATHE ??

@Ungod ummm. Ok. I’ve never taken illicit drugs. Since I was an adult I’ve never taken any prescription drugs. For the last 11 years I’ve gotten most of my food from local farmers who don’t give vaccines to their animals and are all pasture raised. So, yes, I actively avoid drugs as much as possible

Funny how some ppl get all anal about a general question, good for you! Because I myself was taking a medication from Dr that gave my liver a temporary out of wack trying to shut down...finally reading normal now minus a mass they found that develop in the liver n my belly miraculously sinking in by itself that test n drs can't figure out why. I'm hoping it just completely sinks in lol then I can reduce my belly fat...?@ThomasReitz

@ThomasReitz - The “I don’t take drugs” group is a funny bunch! Drugs go from “licit” to “illicit” on the whims of the legal and pharmaceutical powers that be and is NOT a useful scientific/chemical delineation.

ALCOHOL, MARIJUANA and COCAINE were once quite “licit” (if that’s a word!).

Even now, a total LUSH can lay claim to not doing illicit drugs!

Nevermind how we are constantly bombarded with chemicals in our environment that quite literally fit into the catagory of DRUGS, but are just never identified as such.

I won’t even start with the virtual drugs of TELEVISION and other mass influences of drug particle/waves we are ALL subjected to regularly.

AND drugs, in herbal forms, such as coffee and tobacco, are a regular and often BENEFICIAL part of regular human consumption.

One of my overall points it that the “I don’t take drugs” position is little more than meaningless snobbery...

But now you’ve “clarified” your position as “I actively avoid drugs as much as possible”. So who doesn’t?


No, I am sure you are in good company. I used to in the 60's, 70's. Like all things in life... not everything is for everybody. And often enough you outgrew things. Welcome to the Club.... welcome, welcome!


No. I used to smoke weed but I gave it up when I decided to lose some weight. It gives me the munchies and that, of course, is counterproductive to any weight loss plan! ?
Does it bother you when others smoke? I will occasionally after I meet my goals but not on any consistent basis like I used to.


I don't have any vices. I see a lot of young lads (it almost always seems to be males) who developed psychosis as a result of smoking skunk (The GM version of cannabis). I know the arguements in regards to pre-morbidity and self medication but the risks are too high. Although I totally support decriminalisation, I think use should be regulated like alcohol or tobacco.


You are alone!


Don't think so.


This question implies things that I don't much enjoy.


If someone's handing round a joint, I might have a quick drag or two on it. Can't remember when I last did that, though. It must have been at least three years ago.

The last time I actually bought stuff was Amsterdam about a decade ago. Me and my ex got pretty wasted on White Widow. We ended up getting back to the hotel, going to bed, and waking up about 4 hours later, the level of 'stoned' we'd been hoping to achieve. Proper paranoid episode getting back to the room too, since the hotel had a strict 'no drugs' policy. This also meant we'd left 3 and a bit of the four joints that we've bought in the coffee shop. Someone must have been made up with that.

Now that they're clamping down on drug driving, I'm really not sure what I can get away with without risking losing my licence. It's easy with alcohol: I buy the one shot testers (that you need to drive in France) and do one of those the following morning if I'm in any doubt. I'm not aware of a similar self testing facility for cannabis, and I believe the stuff can stay in your system for up to a week.


Probably not.


How do you come to believe that every other atheist smokes pot ?

I don't. Occasional beer or wine, and on rare occasion have a whisky or brandy.

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