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I hope we can be so civilized

HippieChick58 9 Mar 21

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sounds logical


Very interesting...


It's easy to be "civilized" when you are safe and secure. When aiding someone in danger doesn't pose risks, there are very few people who won't do so. When giving comfort doesn't mean sacrificing it, most humans would. I worry that if this current pandemic or some future catastrophe changes our situation, puts us in a scenario where being civil and/or civilized requires personal sacrifice our thin veneer of society may evaporate quickly, at least for way too damned many.

JimG Level 8 Mar 22, 2020

In our current pandemic I find that a great many of us are not civilized.




So far I have experienced a lot of forebearance and good will while shopping, and consideration when passing on the sidewalk. We'll see how we do in a month. Outside there are a lot more families using the park I usually have nearly to myself. While people there are considerate of each other I have more than once noticed young people playing football and other close sports, even barefoot. Seems risky to me but I don't take on the challenge of convincing them.


read this recently myself!


Paula.....I count this as a great find...good to be reminded....thank you


I agree with Mead. When I taught literature and specifically Things Fall Apart, I would argue against the history teacher's definition of civilization, using the book's tribe as examples. Historians need a written language - I disagree.


Shared on FB...excellent!


But one US person here said he, & others, were stocking up on guns & ammunition.

I wouldn’t say they are idiots just maybe they watch a lot of faux news. There are those who will believe that the gov’ment is going to declare martial law. That there will be food and race riots...and all kindS of other conspiracies. These people will run out and buy ammo when others buy toilet paper.

@Shaggy2018 I would say buying guns under these circumstances is fear gone amok!


Pretty amazing conclusion.

I agree.


Good post.


Very good, I never had thought about that!!!

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