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This shit, is really fun. Im sitting out here in my little cabin out here in the sticks, in complete solitude, looking, and reading, listening,commenting, and I'm in complete stitches,laughing and giggling my ass off! My ribs and cheeks are cramping, my eyes guys are awesome! This is my first experience of any kind with social media. I've always just googled stuff I want to see or read, and generally kept to my self. It's only been two days, but appears I've pick a bad ass site/community. You guys/girls/other are putting killer subject matter out there! Thank you sincerely I do.
Happy new year

Nemosson 6 Dec 31

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Happy New Year and welcome to our awesome community.

Sassy, it really is...the intelligence, the humor, the kindness ....


Welcome home!


I'm jealous... Little cabin in the woods? Lucky dude. Glad to have you on board.

Thanks,yep cabin,5acres, 2/3rds timber. Closest resident 3/4 mile away. But I have a little church 30yrds from me. They finally gave up on me after several "Thanks but, no thanks" they are probably more disgruntled then me, thinking they have"wun dem dangdo satanokist " living next door. I've had the place 7yrs......tranquil.

@Fanburger Pretty simple really. Search up land for sale, check out some properties and put some money down on one you like.


We are cheap entertainment for sure.. and the best 🙂 Sounds like you got yourself a nice little crib out there in the sticks. Stay cozy.. and happy new year!


Happy New You..Year 😉


I couldn't agree more, with the exception of one comment out of the hundreds I've read on this site. Everyone seems respectful and thoughtful. It has been funny, enlightening, informative, challenging, and just plain fun. I never said that once in all the years I was forced to attend church!!


Yoda, is that you? Welcome!


Hey let me tell you I feel the same way. I have not been on here for very long but I so love it.
It is the first time that I have been able to speak freely and expressed myself in regards to my
beliefs in reality.
Carry on and enjoy.

P.S. What neck of the woods are you in?

Central Oklahoma, just past that place where the hoot owls fuck the squirrels!

Hoot owl f___ the squirrels. That's a good one!


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, and welcome to the community.

I would assume so, but...why does it matter?


Why do you think we are all here ? Feel the same way !


Happy new year? Where you been..oh yeah in the sticks in a cabin..aaah did you know Drumpf got elected?..


Yes, I agree with you all the way, I have done MSNBC blogs , along with others , and never found an audience like this group Intelligent conversation, very low trolling, and stimulating thought. welcome and I love the solitude you are now in,

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 6, 2018

As a new member, I have found the site to be terrific! I have enjoyed reading the sometimes funny and not so funny posts. I can just imagine how you must feel.

Happy New Year!


So glad you're enjoying

I love because of the many highly intelligent, thoughtful, kind and hilarious members. It is s fun to read, write and comment on posts.

It is wonderful to learn about the perspective and experience of other atheists and agnostics.


Beats the hell out of Facebook.... If you believe in that sort of thing...LOL


It's a hoot here. Just be yourself and let go. Glad you're gettjng a good social media experience here, young man, 'cause FB kind of sux nowadays.


I couldn't agree more. I have just discovered this site and am loving it. I love to laugh and there is plenty on here that makes me laugh and there are some really interesting links etc, so I'm hooked.


Here in my little cottage in the woods doing the same. Happy new year 🙂


Happy New Year-It's my first night here, too, and-I couldn't agree more- this site is amazing!!! What a bunch of intelligent, totally cool people, all in the same place 🙂


It's a good start to the new year. Keep having fun. Happy New Year! 🙂

Betty Level 7 Jan 1, 2018

Glad you're having a good time. Happy New Year to you and may you live long and prosper.


Cabin in the sticks sounds heavenly. 😉. Happy New Year.


Norman Oklahoma must be a tough place for your beliefs.. from what I saw when I was there , years ago !

Oh man, it's suffocating to say the least.


Hope you're still having fun? There are some intelligent and very witty people here!

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