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While I normally post witty, funny, ironic, or political memes I would like to offer one of thanks and if I forgot anyone, Thank you also,

glennlab 9 Mar 31

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Teachers!! We are still teaching, at least I am, online.

A great big thank you from all those parents that gave up after day two of home schooling.

they sure are and often have their own kids to boot to home school at the same time

Me too.


Add the US Postal service and Internet companies please.


Not all but many.

Sorry, I know you wanted to keep it apolitical. It just slipped out.

@NHjulie totally. Bizarre isn’t it?


Thankyou to all those people who can find humour in this situation. It's what keeps me sane. 😀

A sense of humor during times of crisis allows us to make draconian choices and not hurt so much. I have always found ways to make light in times of crisis and I got to watch the world almost go to nuclear war. My boss who relied on my expetise in times or crisis asked me what to do, and I replied, I have to catch a plane, good luck. He didn't see the humor in it.


You bet, they deserve ever bit of praise they can get and more besides.


The essential people who many don’t feel should earn a living wage.
Screw the system that maintains such a level of economic instability in people’s lives that they can’t afford to stay home in times where their lives are threatened by the simple act of going to work.


And thank you all who use their common sense and keep their distance.


You're welcome! I am included as provider of construction material and deliveries! ...and thank you for the expression of gratitude!


Excellent point Glenn! Every time I have to go out to pick up whatever, I make it a point to thank those folks who are really putting their lives on the line every day.


My gratitude for all the community helpers. Thanks to the companies that made donations to find the medicine that will stop the COVID - 19. Thanks to and all the members for keeping alive this open communication now that we are in social distance.


Ditto for me Glenn!!


.....and thank all of us here on Agnostics for being here for each other!


That is good and correct tribute.

But wait a minute. You forgot Trump. He is there every day talking to you.

So as not to make this political and detract from the gratitude I was intending I chose not to thank anyone non essential.


FedEx and USPS thanks to them too.


We can't say it enough or in enough ways.

car parts too go figure


Where's my thanks?

In the very begining, iff I left you out, thanks. RTFQ.

@glennlab You're welcome.


You're very welcome. I am one of those low paid blue collar, bottom of the pile people. I now have a travel pass ( I live in France where lockdown is really enforced) that says Essential Worker. Noice !!

Tilia Level 7 Apr 1, 2020

Mothers? They are super caring for the young in these times.

And they always have.
And women are treated by most societies as second class citizens...
And worse......

What a shame.


Yes - thank you.


Agree. Wish we could get this thanks out to more people.


Truck drivers
Post office clerks

Definitely grateful for all of them.


Essential workers or are we disposable

I personally don't think anyone is disposable.


Just heard from a local Bus Driver that some bloody wowzers complained about the local Bus Company having banners on their buses thanking ALL the Nurses, Doctors, etc, etc, for their hard work, toil and dedication during this pandemic.
Bloody wowzers, I hope they all get permanent RSI in their fingers and can't use their mobile phones for the rest of their miserable lives.


Thanks, we’ll try and keep the power coming for you 😉


Agree thank you

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