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This is soooo nice when someone describes your country this way! What is the brutal truth about the UK? Faiz Ahmad, living in the UK, answered as follows: I am writing down ten brutal truths I faced while coming to live in UK from India:...
Jetty Feb 15 Feb 15 22 comments
Johannesburg woman transferred her entire salary to the church instead of just 10% and struggles to get the amount back from church to pay her bills. [] [] This is a huge "Pentecostal" church in johannesburg which rakes in ...
TimeOutForMe Feb 14 Feb 14 22 comments
When someone makes a movie about Trump 10 years from now, who should play him? (Alec Baldwin doesn't count). Who should play Melania, Ivanka and Jared?
Organist1 Feb 11 Feb 11 33 comments
I had none of that on my Bat Shit Bingo Card. I expected a State of the Union Address. Instead it was a pep rally and booster for the next election. It might have been the most bizarre juxtaposition of items "We're putting ...
RavenCT Feb 4 Feb 4 22 comments
... thought I should share this article about the Coronavirus I received last week and a little write-up too. []
TimeOutForMe Feb 2 Feb 2 22 comments
LINK Not all non-consensual touching is evil - Kiss and Make Up: Rafa Apologises to Ball Girl Like a Gentleman | Australian Open 2020 - YouTube
Jetty Jan 30 Jan 30 11 comment
I get a message through 23andme. An adopted woman has matched as my first cousin. Math and a bit of sleuthing and I narrowed down which uncle. Thing is, this could be airing out one giant closet skeleton. I don't want to stir up trouble, but I ...
CommonHuman Jan 26 Jan 26 44 comments
Bill to be introduced by lawmakers in Turkey to get rapists off the hook by marrying their victims. This gives birth to child rape. []
TimeOutForMe Jan 23 Jan 23 44 comments
With the trial begun, do you think that holding elective office requires more stamina tha many people have?
yvilletom Jan 22 Jan 22 11 comment
Democratic Primary Voters Should Back the Candidate Who Terrifies Trump: Bernie Sanders []
desertastronomer Jan 18 Jan 18 33 comments
My laugh for the day
Huskygirl4ever Jan 17 Jan 17 00 comments
And for me the countdown begins 10 more days until I get my tooth implant then all I'm waiting on is to sign papers for the house and then I'm off to Scotland for a while
Huskygirl4ever Jan 13 Jan 13 22 comments
The invention of Religion or “the Invention of Lying.” Interesting movie. A friend came over and we watched a funny movie “The Invention of Lying”, with Ricky Gervais. ”"The Invention of Lying" takes place in an alternate reality in ...
JackPedigo Jan 13 Jan 13 11 comment
It is a sad day in Rock. In Memoriam: Neil Peart, Rush Drummer And ‘Faith-Basher,’ Dead At ...
desertastronomer Jan 11 Jan 11 22 comments
. tRump has a connection to Lopez OMG. One thinks they know this place and then another crazy thing comes along. The other day, at our gym, I was told tRumps uncle is buried here and even the scofflaw came here, several times as a child. I looked it ...
JackPedigo Jan 11 Jan 11 00 comments
We Need a Strong Anti-War Movement—Yesterday []
desertastronomer Jan 9 Jan 9 00 comments
Vocal Fry: What It Is and How to Get Rid of It [] Is it just me or does every woman under 30 talk like this? It drives me fucking crazy!
desertastronomer Jan 6 Jan 6 44 comments
Bernie Sanders: War in Iran Would Be Bigger Disaster Than Iraq [] en. Bernie Sanders has pleaded with President Trump and Republican lawmakers not to go to war with Iran, warning that military action would prove to be a ...
desertastronomer Jan 6 Jan 6 00 comments
It's Time for a Big-Time Antiwar Movement []
desertastronomer Jan 6 Jan 6 33 comments
Qassem Suleimani, was the assination wrong? IMO, most persons in the US will not morne the passing of Sulimani. Yet are Democrats wrong in questioning the correctness of the action? Not that it was wrong, but was it wise and was it done according ...
t1nick Jan 4 Jan 4 1111 comments
@FrankienotGrace I realized a few words had dropped out of your profile bio and realized that I couldn't PM you. You might want to turn that back on as well. The controls are here: []
RavenCT Dec 28 Dec 28 00 comments
Education and religion are like oil and water. No matter how hard you stir them up they just don't mix, but they can explode
StoryMaker Dec 28 Dec 28 33 comments
On Barrie Island It is a time on the island, Barrie Island, that brings a certain contemplation and peace at this time of year. I look out my kitchen window at the pasture land and see the deer who survived the guns of November and early December ...
StoryMaker Dec 24 Dec 24 00 comments
Youtube didnt know where to post so here we are great song with video to go with it
bklynite53 Dec 23 Dec 23 11 comment
Free coloring book pages from art museums! [] This can be great for self-care... I have so many of these from when my anxiety was severe a number of gears ago. And did I mention Free? 😁 Full set []
RavenCT Dec 19 Dec 19 00 comments

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