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Only 3 weeks left of summer break, starting to feel the anxiety increasing every day.

NHjulie 8 July 26
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I feel ya! I picked Social Worker in college. Nightmare job for an introvert! What was I thinking? That I was not smart enough to become a lab tech? That would have been a dream job! Slide the sample through the window, analyze it, slide it back with a report. So simple. But, NO, I had to try to go out and save people from themselves. Exhausting, thankless, pointless . . . And impossible. Now I raise dogs. They rarely express an opinion, but show gratitude for all that they receive. They live in the present, not the past or the future. Although, they do plot mischief from time-to-time, it must be admitted. . . Honestly, I cannot fathom how you are able to do it . . . Or why.


I couldn't do it. Not even close. I can speak in front of a class or even TV cameras, but then I need to go hibernate for a while.

BitFlipper Level 8 July 26, 2022

It's exhausting.


Until I joined this group I thought, cause I had been told, I was an introvert. After reading post on here I realize I was kind of shy and maybe a little quiet but not an introvert. I have never had any anxiety around large groups. I like to be with them. I am a retired public school teacher and almost always looked forward to school restarting just to be around my colleagues again.
I do appreciate your feelings though, and hope for the best for you.

Sierra4 Level 8 July 26, 2022

Thank you.


What can you do to reduce anxiety? Meditation helps.

Like all personality traits, introversion and extroversion are on a wide spectrum, from low to high. Most people have a combination the two.

My ex-husband is shy (introverted) and an enthusiastic (extroverted) schoolteacher. An artist, Terry loves putting on art shows and volunteering to teach art to minority elementary students. Terry recharges his energy by painting in his art studio.

I'm more extroverted. I love being around people. Like Terry, I recharge my energy with quiet activities like reading.

Tried meditation. I just couldn't get into it, but thank you.


There is not right way to meditate. I lie down comfortable and cover myself with a blanket. (My blood pressure and body temperature drop while meditating, I learned through biofeedback.)

Close my eyes and silently repeat "Let go." For me, "Let go" means let go of anxiety, worry, muscle tension, etc. Soon I experience a suspended state.

After 30 minutes, I "wake up" feeling calm and refreshed.

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Posted by NHjulieOnly 3 weeks left of summer break, starting to feel the anxiety increasing every day.

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