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Do you think Introverts on average do or do not like egotists, braggers etc.

PickledRick 8 June 11
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I have had to hide people on FB who seem to do this all the time about their partners. If you need to go on and on about how wonderful your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend is to the point where it sounds like they are all unicorns and rainbows, I immediately suspect you are compensating for something and that the partner is actually kind of awful.

Sorcha Level 7 June 11, 2018

Oh that drives me crazy! And you are right. Who are they trying to convince?

I was in a private FB group for a while where the same person who posted her carefully curated pictures of her and her new wealthy husband having fun all over San Francisco would then unload about all the strife going on in their relationship. It make me kind of sad.

That makes me think about how EVERY ONE who is on the Wheel of Fortune has the most wonderful spouse and family.

@Plant1010J "Hi I'm LIsa and I'm married to this kind of average white guy named Brian and he's sort of okay with chores but we're just staying together until one of us dies I guess." said no contestant ever.


do not !!!!


Because we reflect on behavior (our own) and are self critical, I think we have people figured out. We know these kinds of people are immature and lack self awareness.

bwena64 Level 3 June 11, 2018

My thought is that because we spend more time on our own, we have more opportunities to reflect on our own and others' behavior. We're more likely to recognize boneheaded-ness in others and to try to avoid emulating it. My stereotype of extroverts is they spend more time focused on others, so they may not take the time to reflect on what other people do. But that's my naive assumption.

citronella Level 7 June 11, 2018

I think that is a very good answer. πŸ™‚

@DeeWoman I agree, good answer

Could it be reasonable to assume that an extrovert's stereotype of us is that we're all people who won't move out of our comfort zones and who refuse to accept people who are different from themselves?

@Chippie That's probably their stereotype, but they haven't paid enough attention to us to understand who we really are.?


Maybe that's why we are the way we are . We don't want to be like them .

Besalbub Level 8 June 11, 2018

I'm an introvert. I don't like egotists or braggers. But, to be honest, I'm a misanthrope, so there are lots of people I don't care for.

Otterpop Level 6 June 11, 2018

just looked that word up. that must be the best explanation for where my mind goes when I meet new people. It's always: (in my mind) fuck you and your name that I will not remember.


As a person don't much care for egotists,braggers, or assholes.

kenriley Level 8 June 11, 2018

You don't like assholes? What is wrong with you? πŸ™‚

@Gatekeeper63 Just different I guess


I certainly don't but you don't have to be an introvert to not like egoists or braggarts. In fact, in a way, it is easier to tolerate them if you an introvert because you simply have no desire to engage with them or give them any attention. Whereas an extrovert, or even more so a fellow egoist/braggart, is far more likely to engage and clash with them. It can be like two rams colliding.
Hmm....what POTUS does this remind me of? πŸ˜‰

Heraclitus Level 8 June 11, 2018

I don't know anybody that does like those traits. What I do think is that introverts are less likely to exhibit such tendencies. Not just because we are less desirous of an audience in the first place, but we can see how broken those people are. To have such scant sense of self-worth that one requires constant praise from others is a huge burden that most introverts are spared.


I personally don’t like those traits, but outside of work and family, I don’t know many people...

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