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It is about 20 degrees hotter today than it has been recently. Today I had a lovely conversation about the weather.
Total stranger: warm enough for ya? Haha.
Me: no. I prefer the heat of Hell.
T S: ... (backs away slowly)
Me: (awkwardly) ha.
The upside is one less person in the world I will ever have to talk to again.

Vickylyn 6 June 19
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"Hell is other people" -- Jean-Paul Sartre

i thought it came from "Paint Your Wagons"

@Paul_Clamberer I guess Sartre stole it πŸ™‚

@TheoryNumber3 πŸ™‚

"Hell is Hell. The worse other people ever get is 'bloody aggravating'." - Sir Pterry Pratchett


I suspect we are all people who look determinedly out of the window on the bus/train/plane when someone sits down next to usl.

CeliaVL Level 7 June 20, 2018

haha - and it's so awkward when it's dark outside and looking "out the window" only gives you a reflection of everyone on the train. Where do you look then? I solved that problem by always having my kindle on hand. 20 minutes to shut out the world and read. Mmmm. I no longer catch the train though so it's audiobooks for me now.


I tend to use humor to make my way through the world. It's probably my attempt to get the world on my side, though I never thought of it that way until right now. After getting the blank reaction from the T.S., my next likely line would have been, "Dang, Satan told me that line wouldn't work. Guess I shouldn't have bet him 20,000 years of manning the coffeemaker," and then waited for an even blanker look.

citronella Level 7 June 19, 2018

I am a sarcastic b*tch. But they do say find what you’re good at and do it, so...


Me dripping wet with sweat from the heat.
Stranger: Hot enough for you?
Me: Not at all, I just crawled out of the sewer pipe, took a swim down there.
Stranger backs away slowly, "okayyy".


Hard living in a world of "Normie's"

Rudy1962 Level 9 June 19, 2018

Must be really difficult for the incels.

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