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Hello, I’m Brenda. New to group. Strangers seem to find me rude when I don’t respond.

AlpineAzalea 4 Feb 6
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Sometimes I am just not in the mood to chat with strangers. They sometimes think I am rude. But there is no rule that says you must chat with strangers. One stranger REALLY thought I was rude. I was downtown watching some dancers and jugglers - a street festival - and a young dude, about half my age, came up to me and said "Hi, how are you tonight?" - as he looked me up and down. (I was young and attractive when this happened.) I said "Excuse me, I do not know you." He said "My name is Randy Smith - what's your name?" I answered "Bertha Watson". He said "hey, Bertha, I want to buy you a drink." I said "I don't drink." He said "How about dinner?" I said "I don't eat." Randy Smith got real mad and hollered "THATS A LIE !!" and stamped off, cursing me and my family to the ninth generation. I wounded his ego by not being friendly to him.

SKH78 Level 8 Feb 22, 2019

Welcome. ? You're in the right place. You don't need to respond here and we probably won't respond to you either. ? (Well, except this time ... first impressions and all ...)


Welcome, Brenda. You're among friends here. I'm not sure why strangers expect us to be interested in the story of their lives, their husband's upcoming surgery, where they shop, their adorable grandchild, or their battle with crab grass.

How can anyone not be interested in a battle with crabgrass? 🙂 The worst thing about smartphones is not that people disappear into them but that they resurface certain that we all want to see their pictures or their favorite memes. I have to meet one on one with my boss every week and we cannot end the damn meeting without me first having to see her grandbaby and her dog. I have never in my life assumed the whole world was waiting for a peek at my loved ones. I don't get it.

@Gatekeeper63 OMG... I have one of those too. Always scrolling through her pictures to find the right one but, oh by the way, meanwhile wanna see my garden?


Hi welcome!
A coworker told me that she thought her sons girlfriend was rude because she never said hi first when she came to her house. Idk maybe she is shy or nervous.... so it’s weird that it’s the first reaction people have but I think it depends on the person and situation.

Tori Level 4 Feb 6, 2019




I usually don't respond well to strangers if they say something to me like they know me, but I still respond. Like, if we're in the same aisle in the store and they start talking about whatever I'm looking at, I usually just give them a smile or say "oh cool" and then move on. I don't think it's too rude in that context. If they say hi or ask a question though, I don't ignore them no matter how much I don't want to talk to them. I would find that incredibly rude if someone did that to me.

I have been accused of ignoring people or being rude when they tried to talk to me while I was wearing headphones, before. It's not like I was intentionally ignoring them, just couldn't hear them.

Kynlei Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

I'm a big one for talking to anyone I come across. Usually, freezing out there, raining like crazy, love the sunshine. Some people reply some don't.




If they are saying hello and you are not responding, that IS kinda rude. You can at least say hi, smile, or nod, acknowledge the other person in some way. You don't have to sit down and have hours of conversation with them, but letting them know you heard them is a minimal response that doesn't take a lot of effort.


Bring it. I have been married! I can take it.

Mokvon Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

That Won't happen here


I do not expect a reply to this comment. Welcome.

Janus819 Level 7 Feb 6, 2019
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