Introverts Unite!

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.

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Introverts Unite!
Jan 23, 2021Jan 2021

Posted by Oldman51
I have noticed there are a lot of people who when they are out in public just hang on their cellphones and I think it is a method of avoiding talking to others. I thought that I was somehow strange and different but maybe I am not.
Introverts Unite!
Nov 16, 2020Nov 2020

Posted by belikewater
POLLIntroverts, are you introverted online too? Are you chatty on the boards and you reached level 8 in no time? Or do you tend to read and think about/process post ideas and topics, but not participate in the online exchange?

How do you participate on

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Introverts Unite!
Sep 17, 2020Sep 2020

Posted by Budgie
I am a teacher and in my neck of the woods we are about to have a two week break. Our local government in an attempt to get people spending money and supporting tourism offered a voucher to pay $ for $ up to $200. I booked a small cabin for three ...
Introverts Unite!
May 2, 2020May 2020

Posted by Unity
It is been my observation that even with government mandates on social distancing most people can't help but continue to function in groups. Case in point. With bars and restaurants closed people are gathering anywhere they can. People are pack ...
Introverts Unite!
Apr 2, 2020Apr 2020

Posted by TheoryNumber3
Welcome to new our members @ravimalyal @echosam @robetham30 Glad to have you aboard!!
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Introverts Unite!
Apr 3, 2019Apr 2019

Posted by Kynlei
That's why I don't work with the public anymore.
Introverts Unite!
Jul 18, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Bliss32
As an introvert, what do you do for a living and are you happy/fulfilled doing it?
Introverts Unite!
Jun 24, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by CandR
How do you deal with the 'at work circles dilemma'. So you show up to a new job, everyone is nothing but smiles and happy and you're thinking to yourself, 'how long will it be before everyone hates my guts', because you're quite, bust out the work, ...

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Posted by AppleriverThis is so true for me

Posted by NHjulieOnly 3 weeks left of summer break, starting to feel the anxiety increasing every day.

Posted by UnityPeopling is exhausting to me. I prefer large gatherings in very small doses.

Posted by BBebersteinI need this in my life!

Posted by BBebersteinIt’s ok once and a while, not for long though…

Posted by BBebersteinI would love someone to make calls for me!

Posted by NHjulieI loved the fact that my kids liked to sleep in.

Posted by BBebersteinI said I don’t need rescued!

Posted by BBebersteinSeriously though, I just can't

Posted by BBebersteinI’ve been in a bad place for a while and have ignored this group. I am going to try and do better!

Posted by FrostyJimJust when you thought it was safe to go out again...

Posted by EyesThatSmileMost definitely!

Posted by TheoryNumber3Coffee makes everything better !

Posted by NHjulieOMG. This is so me!

Posted by NHjulieYup. And it's taking longer and longer everyday.

Posted by merit2344Sometimes the view outsids is pretty amazing💜

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