Introverts Unite!

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.

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Introverts Unite!
Jun 4, 2021Jun 2021

Posted by LaDizdeOdd
U.S. Presidents Who Were Introverts (and What Makes Them Great) presidents introverts greatness unitedstates
Shared from General & Hellos
Jan 6, 2021Jan 2021

Posted by Tyrantmike
Hello! New to this group. Been an introvert for much of my life. I mean I’m less social than the average person. I only have a few friends but that is how I prefer it to be. Most of the time I try to pursue my hobbies. I like to draw and I ...
Introverts Unite!
Oct 14, 2020Oct 2020

Posted by GoodMan
LINKDoes Modern Technology Help or Hinder the Social Lives of Introverts? - Introvert Spring
Introverts Unite!
Jul 5, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by TheoryNumber3
Hey Introverts... let's welcome the six new members who joined Introverts Unite this past week: @JoyKiser @BlueWolf99 @BobbyJaan @fourfingers @TammySollars @Pjsmylz Nice to meet you!
Introverts Unite!
May 25, 2020May 2020

Posted by Amzungu
Promises made, promises broken...
Introverts Unite!
Aug 18, 2019Aug 2019

Posted by TheoryNumber3
Do other people's Facebook posts make you feel like you're missing out in life? Great article about how social media is affecting our happiness.
Introverts Unite!
Apr 2, 2019Apr 2019

Posted by BoingoOingo42
Yes! Love this.
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Introverts Unite!
Feb 18, 2019Feb 2019

Posted by mzee
Someone is knocking
Introverts Unite!
Jan 17, 2019Jan 2019

Posted by MsHoliday
I wonder about this.
Introverts Unite!
Nov 1, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by EquusDance
So people think I'm joking when I say in would totally live here if I had the opportunity. Took this on a nature tour of Frenchmans Bay. Between the solitude and the serenity of the water i think its perfect (minus the Maine winters haha)
Introverts Unite!
Sep 20, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by TMis
When I became a special ed teacher at 45 and did all my classes and Masters degree, I came to the conclusion that I’m on the autism spectrum. Explains a lot of things. Grew up really feeling out of place. Became more social in my 20s and 30s ...
Introverts Unite!
Jun 24, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by Rangerbeavis
I'm quite certain im an introvert. I feel happy when plans are cancelled.

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Posted by KilltheskyfairyIntroverts dilemma

Posted by KilltheskyfairyIntroverts dilemma

Posted by AppleriverOk this is me.

Posted by UnityI really miss Walmart being open 24 hours

Posted by FrostyJimThat is why I don't go out...

Posted by AppleriverThis is so true. My cats do act like me around people

Posted by AppleriverMe when people from out of town call

Posted by KilltheskyfairyAdd a fenced private yard and it’s perfect!

Posted by AppleriverThis is so true for me

Posted by NHjulieOnly 3 weeks left of summer break, starting to feel the anxiety increasing every day.

Posted by UnityPeopling is exhausting to me. I prefer large gatherings in very small doses.

Posted by BBebersteinI need this in my life!

Posted by BBebersteinIt’s ok once and a while, not for long though…

Posted by BBebersteinI would love someone to make calls for me!

Posted by NHjulieI loved the fact that my kids liked to sleep in.

Posted by BBebersteinI said I don’t need rescued!

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