Meatballs & Pasta

Whether you enjoy pasta and meatballs or you've been touched by His noodly appendage, may the souse be with you!

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Shut the door Jesus
beerhungry Feb 2 Feb 2 11 comment
The great colander:
gsiamne Jan 26 Jan 26 11 comment
We need to band together and start a movement to replace turkey with pasta as the traditional Thanksgiving dish. Pastafarians can present this as a religious issue.
Bobby9 Dec 29 Dec 29 11 comment
Pasta with a bit of olive oil and feta cheese. Or meatballs with the same. Mm-mm.
yvilletom Dec 24 Dec 24 11 comment
May you be touched
gsiamne Dec 24 Dec 24 11 comment
Last night my wife and I went to what we thought was a Holy place, an Italian Pizza/sit down establishment. The pasta was not blessed, and the sauce may have been made in Hell. Beware of new denominations in your area.
Bobby9 Dec 12 Dec 12 33 comments
An interview with a person in Ireland who wants to start an FSM worship group. I also found it comical and those who called to ask questions also made it even more so: []
gsiamne Nov 28 Nov 28 11 comment
How much bigger the FSM teaching is vs all others:
gsiamne Nov 13 Nov 13 00 comments
Another wonderful correlation of our DNA being made by the great FSM:
gsiamne Oct 26 Oct 26 33 comments
How the FSM teaching is better than the bible:
gsiamne Oct 11 Oct 11 33 comments
Once again, last night, my wife and I ate the most Holy meal, pasta and meatballs. Our faith is renewed and we are saved!
Bobby9 Sep 21 Sep 21 33 comments
He made me from clay he breathed life into my lungs....I shall always know his meatballs and ramen noodily love flying heavenly spaghetti goodness my great gawd FSM !
GreenAtheist Sep 19 Sep 19 11 comment
We now have a documentary coming out on the growth of belief in the FSM: []
gsiamne Sep 18 Sep 18 22 comments
Is the Olive Garden a House of Worship?
Bobby9 Aug 24 Aug 24 55 comments
I want once again to be touched by His Noodly Appendage.
SKH78 July 31 Jul 31 11 comment
Also never forget the beginning:
gsiamne July 6 Jul 6 22 comments
My wife and I plan to hold a most Holy dinner tomorrow night. We shall prepare angle hair with shrimp covered by a vodka sauce. When we hold such Holy meetings we dress in all white. That way we are most careful not to drop a single piece of Holy...
Bobby9 June 28 Jun 28 33 comments
Here is also a great picture of the FSM showing itself to a person on toast:
gsiamne June 24 Jun 24 22 comments
mcgeo52 June 10 Jun 10 22 comments
Roots of our faith []
beerhungry June 7 Jun 7 33 comments
What existed before the big boil?
Marktzu May 1 May 1 66 comments
On the fifth Sunday of a month, a bunch of Pastafarians gather for pasta dinner at a nice pasta restaurant. I always look forward to this. Does this happen in your city too?
SKH78 Mar 10 Mar 10 22 comments
I also like this video talk by a good Australian Pastafarian family: Youtube
gsiamne Feb 25 Feb 25 11 comment
Here is also a talk given by a fellow Pastafarian talking about rights to county commissioners: Youtube
gsiamne Feb 14 Feb 14 33 comments

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