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Though I am an atheist I have strong leanings towards energy theories and nature. I find I am more spirited and content when in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Perhaps it is the tranquility and increase in oxygen near the forest but I also love Nature's vibrancy. I was fortunate to live there at least 50% of the time for about 5 years until life's twists and turns brought me back to the city to care for my disabled . I do not ski nor have I been a real hiker but I have enjoyed the river, the forest, and the village life. My favorite go to is the summit of Mountain Washington to look out over the Presidential Range or maybe just sit in a cloud. My adventures have been curtailed of late because my is now bedridden and I am her full time caretaker. It is hard to get away but I long to go North all the time. I am hoping to get a respite plan for July 4th weekend as I have not missed the fireworks in North Conway in over years. Do any of you enjoy the White Mountains?

mswm 2 May 5
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Yep I enjoy the whites but the cold gets to me now so does the invasion

MikeSmith Level 3 Oct 13, 2020