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This group is for people who love to be naked whether it's at home, in nature or wherever you please. Only be free and love your body with some wind touching it.

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I HATE that there is is such a negative social stigma on ring naked in public.
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VIKingsCFH 7 TX Apr 15 Apr 15 22 comments
I wish everyone would do 1 try-out visit to a nudist park alone or preferred with a trusted friend!! When your head is on right, being nude is a great way to Relax & stress relief :)
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guynoir 5 WA Mar 27 Mar 27 11 comment
Love being nude around the house,plus enjoy chatting and meeting like minded people,,love out door nudity all ,back to nature so freeing
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RoyMillar 8 Canada Mar 4 Mar 4 00 comments
Closet nudist here. My wife is extremely conservative and would never. I am nude whenever I am alone, wherever I am, and sometimes when the wife is around. Have to limit that though. Once went to Navarre Beach in the Florida Panhandle back in the...
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Mossback 4 FL Feb 16 Feb 16 11 comment
Just saying hi here since there doesn't seem to be much traffic. I'm fairly new to nudism, the GF got me into it a few years ago. It was not a difficult step. Hey, since we have the time... what are nudist venues you like? We got the ANR guide and...
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ErikK 5 MI Jan 17 Jan 17 00 comments
Welcomes to this group. Feel free to share your stories about your love of being nude. Please, no harrassment of any sort. Please be respectful of the other people.
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Burnedhawk 5 Canada Sep 15, 2018 Sep 15, 2018 00 comments

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