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#ThoinotArbeau, #BranledelOfficial, #NYEnsembleforEarlyMusic, #15thCentury, #16thCentury, #Renaissance

Last Thursday I undertook my annual expedition to the Bible bashing city of spires to the south. My intent was simple: buy second hand books and CD's from various church groups. Whether this makes me an hypocritical agnostic or simply opportunistic I do not debate, I simply enjoy my purchases. So far from the CD's listened to, some purchased for as little as $1 for a double disk Greentrax sampler and none greater than $2, I have already had more pleasure than the paltry sum paid for the 30 or so CD's bought. One disk "A Renaissance Christmas" performed by the NY Ensemble for Early Music contained the following piece from 423+ years ago and the pen of Thoinot Arbeau.

And who said that plagiarism only started recently? Lol.

FrayedBear 9 Feb 26
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Lovely! Makes me want to get my recorders out again.

chicagojcb Level 7 Feb 28, 2018

Told ya!