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Reuter's Slavoj Zizek: Do sexbots have rights? []
Given the ever increasing isolation of people preferring isolation and non involvement with others what is the opinion of members regarding the questions posed by the increasing proliferation of the sex toys and robots?

FrayedBear 9 Apr 21
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Zizek contends that “granting” rights to robots would be a silly excericse in human hubris. We have no standing to impose our morality on them. But we can certainly protect certain things, including robots. And there would be plenty of ways to protect them under the law.

ArturoS Level 6 Apr 22, 2018

Cars have been around giving people orgasmic pleasure for about 125 years now. Cars are very badly treated. Why have laws not been created to protect the motor car?


For older adults, 35 to 40 maybe, who have experienced and/or experimented with casual or serious human contact and have concluded that their viable options to be sexually satisfied have been exhausted. For them, I see no problem. I believe that most people have some degree of 'freak', i.e. unnatural desires in them that is implemented out of desperation, curiosity, altered state of mind or simply because of the availability to access a large menu and to use with free will. This access to advanced available options has evolved beyond it's original intent to be a temporary surrogate until replaced by a normal sexual relationship. However, these enticing available products can not be psychologically or socially healthy for teens and young adults. This age group is increasingly deferring their willingness to get a drivers license, getting married, having children, living on their own and now, the natural desire to have physical contact with the opposite sex. It seems that they have discovered that self gratification is less stressful and demanding as opposed to the emotional and psychological demand required to please, satisfy and communicate with a partner. And ,the time that it demands subtracts from the time that they have to play video games and other selfish, non-productive endeavors. My guess is that the demand for E.D. medication will rise due to the rise of less self confidence and inexperience.

TommyRyan Level 5 Apr 21, 2018

When effort fails to result in near equal recompense few people are willing to be martyrs... Particularly if the control of religion dwindles.

Furthermore I think that berating the slowness of children to fly the nest when a state of overpopulation, lack of employment, failure of education, overpricing and incorrect use of housing has been stupidly allowed to occur is fair on generations who were not asked to be born into today's society.

@FrayedBear I was not, implicitly or explicitly, berating children in general and particularly not based on income class. I was not and would not refer to those who can't - at any age. I was specifically referring to those that I know or know of that choose not to. I agree with everything that you stated in your comments. I have, and I always had an inate compassion for the underprivileged. You didn't know that and
information that I should've made more clear in my opinion piece.
Thank you for pointing that out. There are many ways that I wish not to be misunderstood. Offending the unfortunate is at the top of that list.

@TommyRyan thank you kindly for that elucidation. I have been saddened over the years by some of the changes in attitude within society... particularly the hyper protectiveness that has resulted in children being chauffeured to school rather than walking, bussing or cycling - I was a city child not country and did not experience horse riding to school. At the age of fifteen I was hitching rides from passing motorists to travel around the country on holiday. My most disturbing lift was from a man claiming to be a magistrate whom I suspected of being homosexual (it was a criminal act then). I went to school unafraid of psychopaths with automatic military weapons attacking - such weapons were not generally available in Britain sixty years ago. But then I was fortunate enough to grow up in a city that welcomed 20 million visitors each year, had more than 300 pubs and clubs, 30 independent cinemas, 20+ live entertainment theatres and the largest UK homosexual community other than London. I never experienced religiosity, religious discrimination or racial discrimination because very few non white people lived there and everyone knew that the town existed to give people a good time on their holidays whilst relieving them of their money in return for that pleasure. Hence why I posted #MagicPudding. Most people were living in the post WWII austerity having prevented fascisms spread. Sadly it is a seemingly natural phenomena having reared its ugly head in many places and frequently at the instigation of American interference to protect its peoples continuing plunder of world resources. The tide is possibly turning as it did with the Roman Empire. Meanwhile ordinary people lose their natural heritage and desire to procreate or even just enjoy each other to the maximum.