A group for all who have a passion that they wish to share with other members around the world. Please note that there are now hundreds of groups available. That however does not prevent items being posted there and then shared here to keep "Passions" members current with what is available.

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Welcome @EricTrommeter, Welcome to the first "Passions Group" member. Perhaps you would like to make a post sharing with everyone what passions you wish to share and enjoy with like minded people. I'm not sure if the system will work to it yet but listing them...
FrayedBear 7676
Thank to @Robecology for introducing me to this which may well go up on my profile.
FrayedBear 11
Well. I do you have a passion for laughter and with that being said what is one of your favorite TV series of Comedy. Mine? Is Seinfeld. I can never get enough of seeing the series over and over again and laugh like it's the first time. And the whole...
HardBlues69 Aug 5 Aug 5 33
Hi, I'm new to this site but still wanted to share some of my many passions: I create art, write a food blog (if I have time), teach art and cooking etc. Here is one of my watercolor pieces and a food shot of a delicious Georgian dish.
ClassAct Oct 10 Oct 10 33
There used to be a comedy programme on BBC radio 60 years ago called "the Navy Lark". One much repeated joke was phoning Naval Intelligence to have a chap there answer the phone in a dullard's voice "Hello, this is intelligen​ce speaking!" We ...
FrayedBear Dec 8 Dec 8 33
Hello all.. When it comes to being passionate about something, I give it my all and then some if I feel very deeply about whatever it is. A few of my passion are muscle cars.. music, art, camping, flowers, & yoga. I used to be into photography but...
mistymoon77 Feb 19 Feb 19 22
Passions are aligned with the 'wellsprings of life' noted by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. They are for love, work and knowledge in the broad scope. Specific focuses include but aren't limited to early 1920's-1940's music as recorded by original artists for ...
Silver1wun Feb 20 Feb 20 22
My passion is editing. LOL I don't know how to show that to y'all in an example. I can't show you a picture or video. And, showing a document I edited would just bore others. LOL I love to write but editing is my real passion. I love taking a ...
Melbates Mar 22 Mar 22 22
Reuter's Slavoj Zizek: Do sexbots have rights? Given the ever increasing isolation of people preferring isolation and non involvement with others what is the opinion of members regarding the questions posed by the ...
FrayedBear Apr 21 Apr 21 22
Nature photography is a passion to me. I am impressed by the creativity and the beauty of our Terrian Family. Humans should protect better this socio-bio-chemical heritage that Evolution built in millions of years. Here it is a photograph of a pink ...
tipi May 13 May 13 22
POLL Hi everyone. It has come to my notice that Chat is now available if you guys want it. So please vote in the poll, I will leave it open for a week (American EST 12 Midnight 23 May) and simple majority will decide. In the event of a tied vote the ...
FrayedBear May 16 May 16 22
Something interesting from a year ago and hopefully a 290 million-year-old footprint in Mexico.
FrayedBear Oct 16 Oct 16 22
A task worthy of insomniacs - it may send you sleep! I have just used the following link as a reply someone. On more closely reading the lyric I discover that it is not exactly the same as the poem that I know and have performed from the book of ...
FrayedBear Feb 17 Feb 17 22
A special Valentines Day gift for you "Traditional and Folkmusic Group" 's, "Passions Group" 's, ClassicalMusic,FolkMusic, KurtWeill, BertoltBrecht,UteLemper, 3PennyOpera, PirateJenny. A favourite of mine since I heard Steeleye Span sing a retitled version of this. This is Ute ...
FrayedBear Feb 14 Feb 14 11
ThoinotArbeau, BranledelOfficial, NYEnsembleforEarlyMusic, 15thCentury, 16thCentury, Renaissance Last Thursday I undertook my annual expedition to the Bible bashing city of spires to the south. My intent was simple: buy second hand books ...
FrayedBear Feb 26 Feb 26 11
MarcelWittrisch, HistoricRecordings, OpportunityLost I am currently listening to Marcel Wittrisch singing 85 years ago. It sounds like he is performing yesterday. And I thought " how I wish that my parents had lived this long. That they could ...
FrayedBear Feb 28 Feb 28 11
Jazz, JohnColtrane, Lifeworks I have just read the following post made by @wotsthat and think it should be in here for those jazz passionates. Enjoy.
FrayedBear Mar 1 Mar 1 11
This is my photo of cosmic love:)
Leutrelle Mar 1 Mar 1 11
Culling, Bookcrossings, WastenotWantnot, WNWN Recent advice from @Vyerachka on donating read books is worth sharing: There's a website that is dedicated to this kind of thing called Bookcrossing. The books are stamped with a code and a web ...
FrayedBear Mar 2 Mar 2 11
Hi all! Thank you for inviting me in this group. I love visual arts, poetry and music, I follow and practice them as an amateur. I bring to you two songs, a freethought song and a humanist one by Billy Kelly. Free-from-religion music is a ...
tipi Apr 8 Apr 8 11
Hello, I am Len, I am a writer, musician, actor, performer, Dj, comedian and all round performing artist. My passions are many and eclectic. Nice to be here.
LenHazell53 May 3 May 3 11
I am a professional tattoo artist. I enjoy all things ink paint clay and whatever I can get my hands on
artnerd May 9 May 9 11
Nice group! Our life is made of our passions! Mine is classical music. I hear them all the time, collect them, etc.
rsabbatini May 11 May 11 11
A passion of mine for much of my life has been folk music. One Australian performer and songwriter who has impressed me since the 1990’s has been John Warner. I have in the last decade lost touch with him but in response to a post elsewhere I went ...
FrayedBear May 17 May 17 11
Hello and thank you for letting me join your group. I have many of passions and it would take all day to write them down. Here is one love being on this site that's one of my passions.❤??
Sheannutt May 25 May 25 11

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