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I wrote this as a comment on another post and though it was a good enough to be a post of its own. The other post was about a woman expressing frustration about guys propositioning her for casual sex, her feeling obligated to indulge them in order to keep them around, and then them not sticking around

Do other women here feel obligated to have sex when propositioned by guys? I don’t think it’s wrong for guys to ask if a woman would be interested in casual sex. My attitude is that we should all ask for what we want and let the other person decide if they want to give it.

Whatever you choose to do when propositioned for casual sex, I think it’s important to know that you won’t get love or a serious relationship out of casual sex. If a guy isn’t that interested in you without casual sex, he still won’t be that interested in you with casual sex.

Men have much higher standards for relationships than they do for random sex. Guys have have very low standards for casual sex. Having casual sex with a guy will never elevate you to wifey material in the guy’s eyes if you weren’t there already. If a guy does think that you’re good enough for a relationship, turning down sex with him will not dissuade him from pursuing you

UltimateMike 5 July 19
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Much depends on when the request is made, doesn’t it? Some rando asking for sex is offensive. Someone you’ve established some sort of comfort or trust with is another.

UUNJ Level 8 Feb 14, 2019