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West Virginia has 7 State Neighbors : Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, & Ohio. It would be an obvious oversite to not include The District of Columbia, & Delaware. From Toledo OH, to Virginia Beach VA. is 676 [/2=338] miles, & from Bowling Green KY, to Scranton PA, is 818 [2/=409] miles. Always divide by [/2], when determining meetups

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This year's American Atheists Convention , April 2019, will be in Cincinnati Ohio! I will be staying at our host hotel, Netherland Plaza Hilton there for 6 days, & I'm looking for roommates to split the cost. See details below : "American Atheists Convention April 19-21 2019, Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza 35 W 5th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 421-9100"
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Dougy 7 WV Dec 31, 2018 Dec 31, 2018 11 comment
Secular Community Challenges : WV's official book is the bible . Does any other state in the union even have a state book ? Is it the bible, or some other religious book ? Does it have an official state _"Anything"_ that is religious ? I'll mention...
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