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An acquaintance of mine posted a Meme of a black woman with a sad frown and labeled it "Coronavirus under a microscope" I commented " I think you are looking through a racist microscope." And he liked my comment! Sometimes it is really hard to ...
Lorajay Mar 25 Mar 25 11
We are surrounded by the irational thoughts of humans.Do you have acquaintances who believe some of this? I do.
Lorajay Dec 8 Dec 8 11
My moan is about myself. I am too wishy washy and allow people to continually walk all over me. The worst is the fact I went back to my husband who will gripe about how poorly my coworkers treat me but he is worse than all of them. I hate I have dug ...
LyndaMurphy Nov 1 Nov 1 00
Proceed with caution?! Up at 3am to go watch the Perseids. Did it yesterday as well, lovely. Well, it's too cloudy. Fine, I'll put the coffee on and watch Handmaid's. Damn it all! Today is not Wednesday. Plan C. Put on my walking shoes ...
AmiSue Aug 13 Aug 13 33
A dude at work let off a loud, rumbling, rip-roaring belch accompanied by an equally loud fart. A co-worker shouted "Dennis, you are a rude son of a bitch" .... he looked at her and just laughed, a horrible, nasty laugh. He has gotten many ...
SKH78 Aug 12 Aug 12 55
I whinge over you americans,cos you are different from us
stepping Aug 10 Aug 10 33
I feel annoyed when I take public transport and people talk loudly on their phones, giving details about their drug deals and their sex lives. I wish people would talk about their stuff where nobody is forced to hear them. Maybe I should get head ...
SKH78 July 31 Jul 31 22
At work, at the copy machine, I let one ... I tried to stop it but could not. A gossipy co-worker smelled the fart, went to my boss and tattled on me. She also got a bunch of gal pals from her cliquey clique to bad mouth me to the boss. The boss ...
SKH78 July 29 Jul 29 55
My neighbors are complaining about Tannerite explosions. They are exploding targets. I had to look them up to see what it was. Country living has its downsides. What kind of people need loud booms to make them happy?
Lorajay June 18 Jun 18 00
So this morning has been fun. Kid A forgot his laptop for school, necessitating extra drive time which set off kid Bs' motion sickness. And that is how I ended up cleaning vomit off a kid, car seat and car upholstery at 830 am.???
OpposingOpposum Jan 30 Jan 30 11
Can a brotha get some fresh air! So fucking tired of people smoking RIGHT outside the door of non smoking places. Take your ass and escort it 50 fucking feet away from the door. I'm tired of smelling that shit!?
MrChange Jan 27 Jan 27 22
Allow me to vent and bitch about my current doctor: I have fibromyalgia, in addition to some other chronic issues, so summer of 2017 I switched to an internist so I’d have ONE doc. I also have a chronic stomach problem, so sure, I see the need for ...
CarolinaGirl60 Jan 22 Jan 22 44
When going to the movies with friends it is apparent that I need to let them know to get their own popcorn! Dont fucking look at my popcorn?! I'll even buy you popcorn just leave my bucket alone!!!!damn...?
MrChange Jan 6 Jan 6 33
So very over everything. There is, it seems, no job I can get where I don't have to deal with massive stupidity on a regular basis. The world is falling apart. Suffering is happening on a global basis and the majority of it is entirely preventable ...
OpposingOpposum Jan 5 Jan 5 44
Good morning fellow whiners:) I can't believe I haven't noticed this room until now! I don't even know where to start. I've actually been trying recently to push the negative thoughts out of my mind rather than express them, on the theory that ...
inthecloset Dec 23 Dec 23 11
On occasion I make the mistake of watching news on TV. I see 45 and I utter cuss words. Then I drop numerous quarters into my Swear Jar. When the jar gets full, I give alms to the poor. Ever since Nov. 9, 2016, the jar gets full quickly.
SKH78 Dec 21 Dec 21 66
I have Botox Brain and I'm gonna run a temp. all night! (On the up side I cooked the HUGE ham - and got it cut up and in the fridge.). Yay me? (And the cat did not trip me). Though he did try. (Raz). But my poor brain?? (Oh and the Botox is ...
RavenCT Dec 20 Dec 20 11
Oh FFS! Just been called in to work a 4-1230am shift. Don't wanna! (stamps off to wash up)
AmiSue Dec 20 Dec 20 66
New to this group. My biggest frustration is that of traffic. Why cant people understand the right of way? It's like I have to direct traffic at every 4 way stop sign. Smh
MrChange Dec 19 Dec 19 11
I should not complain. I got a job, housing, food, health insurance, a few friends and enough common sense to get by on. I got no right to bellyache. But I bellyache anyway, because I enjoy bellyaching. Isn't that AWFUL?????
SKH78 Dec 6 Dec 6 44
Ahhh! Black Friday :( Hordes of people invading my bookstore, calling non-stop... Most were alarmingly ungracious. Many approaching with a barked demand - no greeting, no smile, unpleasant tone. I have made it a habit to flash my crooked smile at...
AmiSue Nov 24 Nov 24 33
I'm not good in English writnig.
Dildar Nov 18 Nov 18 44
Reality: I'm old(er), but not decrepit. I don't enjoy being called "old" but it's the truth...the sad, sad, truth. I don't embrace it, I hate it. I'm not versed in the ways of an aging woman, I don't know if I have any intention of learning. I should...
Twisted185 Nov 11 Nov 11 11
I need my MOM!!! House is freezing. I can’t face another icy shower. Aaaaaargh!! Wah! Sniff, sniff.. Toughen up buttercup. Carry on with your regular programming.
AmiSue Nov 5 Nov 5 33
Could not believe the train the other day at said on the announcement board that one could only use Northern Rail tickets on it, and i had got on at a town where another ticket is issued,Trans Pennine express (as this is the train ...
Ozay Oct 30 Oct 30 00

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