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At work, at the copy machine, I let one ... I tried to stop it but could not. A gossipy co-worker smelled the fart, went to my boss and tattled on me. She also got a bunch of gal pals from her cliquey clique to bad mouth me to the boss. The boss called me in for a scolding, omfg, was that embarrassing. This nasty bunch of backstabbing bitches ratted me out for letting one out.

SKH78 8 July 29
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That was mean of them, both co-workers and boss. Everybody has an occasional moment when they can't stop one of those. As someone else said, people should just ignore it and not mention it.


Do you work with a bunch of immature douchebags? Seriously? They have no manners or class...people make all sorts of noises and the polite thing is to not embarrass anyone, not that I think any of that is embarrassing...

I would write the date, time and brief synopsis of this in a might have need for it as harassment.

thinktwice Level 8 July 30, 2019

Somebody also snitched on me for belching. I said excuse me and put my hand in front of my mouth, but this harridan still had to run to the boss and tattle on me like a kindygarty kid.


I am sorry that happen to you. I often forget how nasty some of the women can be when they see the other women as competition. Terrible.

MsHoliday Level 8 July 30, 2019

When are these so-called grown ups going to clue in that this is a natural bodily function, & not easily stopped just because they want it to???!!!!! But I suppose perfect assholes never fart!!!!

Perfect assholes fart, but most people just do not feel it is necessary to fink on them.


Let me come testify about rapist priests and I will eat two cans of beans at midnight sure to fill your office with REVENGE FARTING

By goddess, that's a good one !!

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