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A dude at work let off a loud, rumbling, rip-roaring belch accompanied by an equally loud fart. A co-worker shouted "Dennis, you are a rude son of a bitch" .... he looked at her and just laughed, a horrible, nasty laugh. He has gotten many scoldings for being rude, crude and offensive. Nothing fazes him. No fear. Does not care when people scream at him with disgust. I wonder what makes a person so immune to social disapproval ?

SKH78 8 Aug 12
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He decided a long time ago that negative attention was better than no attention.

Lorajay Level 8 Dec 8, 2019

Perhaps his body doesn't give him much of a choice so he adopted a "I ment to do that" stance as a cover.


This boy obviously is an incel avoiding sex talk for his job Security but acting out his hostility to women co-workers.....get the boss to order him not to drink carbonated beverages at work and not to eat cellulose foods like beans or uncooked vegetables.....if that does not clue him in towards relieving himself in a boys bathroom....he should be given a final warning before termination that his anti-social behaviour is cause for dismissal


Probably a defensive mechanism for self-loathing. I would steer very clear of this type of individual. You never know what ghosts he might harbor in the rotting sponge masquerading as his brain. We read all the time about individuals who crack under the pressure of their own demons. I would not engage in any way. This lout could be just a harmless creep who never escaped from the clutches of his childhood, or he could be something much more dangerous.

GuyKeith Level 8 Aug 12, 2019


@lookinhard What did you not understand?

@GuyKeith defensive mechanism........rotten sponge maquerading as his brain......cracking under pressure.....this lout........or he could be something much more dangerous....All because the guy burped and farted? I really have to laugh.What world are you guys living in? I know you will say a normal world.....I will be 70 soon and can't believe,on a daily basis the things I read and see here.Ya ever think of opening a clinic for helping people? dont

@lookinhard You're single...Right?

@GuyKeith since you appear to be clairvoyent I am forced to sir,Im not single.What brought about that Kreskin type question? Next question please.I do love being enlightened

@GuyKeith still waiting for another question/assumption when you are ready

@lookinhard I'm ready. What is the ground drag coefficient of an unhusked turtle?

@GuyKeith ...broiled or on the rocks?

@GuyKeith no response i see


Lack of manners for one thing.

or John Belushi wanna be..( Animal House Belushi)

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