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We don' need no Nobel folks tellin' us who the greatest contemporary song writer is. Here to share experiences, boots, and insights to Dylan's history and legacy.

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Yes, I know he is dead. happy birthday, Jerry Garcia I shall be released Youtube
Shared by Lop-Eared-Mule
Spinliesel 8 NY Aug 1 Aug 1 11 comment
They're selling post cards of the hanging... Youtube
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uncle-ernie 7 MI June 9 Jun 9 44 comments
@Ray13.....Mr. Dylan Youtube
Shared by Lop-Eared-Mule
Anniemae 8 IL Apr 30 Apr 30 22 comments
Blowin in the wind
Shared by Lop-Eared-Mule
mistymoon77 9 MN Apr 7 Apr 7 77 comments
Favorite Dylan cover by my favorite guitarist Youtube
Shared by Lop-Eared-Mule
Electro68 7 SC Feb 21 Feb 21 11 comment


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