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He forgot to stick his head in.

By CaroleKay
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Yeah and they put a clown in the White House and expected him to be a president and after 681 days he's still a fucking clown.

Looking4-Others Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

This is called fake science. Even though the button says Pizza, it will not transform a potato. Science is fake folks. Trump knows all.

EMC2 Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

Do you need photo ID to use a microwave? You know, like the one you need one for buying groceries.

shockwaverider Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

I seriously doubt that Drumpf ever uses a microwave. He has staff for that.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 3, 2018

Personally, I'd rather have his head stuck in a food processor


tRump is Mister Pa-taa-ta Head

Our_existance Level 8 Dec 3, 2018

Putin is laughing. His lackey is performing up to expectaitons.

TheDoubter Level 8 Dec 3, 2018

Sometimes a potato is just a potato.

ArdentAtheist Level 8 Dec 3, 2018

Trump has ‘a way about him!’ He has the power...he thinks! But, his thoughts keep on betraying him! One day...pooof and he’s gone!

Freedompath Level 8 Dec 3, 2018

That's a keeper.

Deb57 Level 7 Dec 3, 2018
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