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Looking meet like minded people for, friends mostly, maybe companionship, or even just a hook, maybe? I'm really new this. I Don't know if dating is even what I want out of being on this site. Just really looking meet some like minded people, and seeing what happens.
I'm a really nice guy, some say too nice for my own good. Pretty shy, ( maybe why I'm on the web looking for friends) but once I come out of my shell, I am a lot of fun, very good sense of humor, and a wit. Warning I'm a bit sarcastic.
I don't drink, don't smoke "tobacco" products, but hold no ill will towards others that do. But Bars are not my thing, unless I'm in the band playing there. Bass Player, not currently in a band, and no plans on being in one if the near future. I like hard rock music.

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Atheist, Humanist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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