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I'm a writer. I can write you a story, a blog-article, or even a self-help book. If you want me to ghostwrite a book for you so you can sell it as your own, I can do that. If you want me to create a unique one of a kind story featuring people you care about as a gift for someone, or just for yourself, I can do that. If you have a crazy idea for a book, but don't have the confidence to write it yourself, let me know and maybe I'll write it for you. I'm also an experience games-master, able to come up with challenging and entertaining gaming campaigns and adapt them to player's actions on the fly. I'm an experienced group admin having successfully grown my last writing group from 32 members to about 18k members. I also have an education, experience and self-directed training in management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Plus, I'm pretty good at origami. If I don't know how to do something, I'll learn. What can I do for you?


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Open to meeting women
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