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I am a retired RN and belong to the Coachella Valley Atheist, Agnostics and
Freethinkers, a group of educated people. I am the widow of an atheist who wanted me to enjoy life, even after he was gone. I enjoy traveling. I have been in all states, 48 by motorhome, 2 by cruise ship. You figure out which ones were by cruise ship. I have a few volunteer jobs I like to do that are fun, especially my Sundays for Kittyland. I don't do volunteer that involves sick people as I was nurse for 30 years and wanted to get away from it for awhile. I exercise 3 x a week at the Senior Center. In this class I met my significant other and we have been a couple since New Year's. We're in our mid 70's , so you're never too old to love again. He's also an atheist which helps the relationship.


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