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I am a devoted teacher and mother. My beliefs can be described concisely as being based on evidence. My career is in science, and I am a lefty living in a deep red state. I am here to make like-minded friends.

How to deal with my Christian family. I usually lie or say nothing.
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I usually don't say anything, or I will call myself agnostic so they think there is "still a chance" for me. I have found that telling them I don't believe in a god somehow hurts their feelings and makes them think that I think they are stupid or something... which I don't want, so I say I am agnostic rather than atheist.
Why does the universe exist? | Jim Holt - YouTube
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Man wants everything to have meaning; however, sometimes things just exist because that is their meaning... to exist.
I've been a member of Agnostic.com for a few months now. I've posted topics, responded to inquiries, and responded to other threads. What have I learned? We need something new--and quite probably--monstrous. The main themes to suffering in the world: Donald Trump; the elite; poverty; religion; men's penises (I've responded/replied to nearly 50 of the last one). We might all be quite wrong. A fellow-member of Agnostic.com wondered "...what the world would be like without money." I've seen that many times too. But what spurred me to talk about this is that money is the problem. Start from the beginning. We are all expected to earn a wage, or participate in society in a meaningful way. The way that we earn money is to work...with the exception of public-welfare assistance (for those who are unable to work due to infirmity, mental health issues, etc.). To work is to be selling away your life...to live. Irony. Most of us are paid in the national currency(s) of our respective countries. All governments are corrupt (they are governments). More and more of our wages, our lives spent, pay for the atrocities committed every day. No country is altruistic.Governments require the submission of the people within the borders that it governs. Methods of politics have been theorized, and implemented, in the "fairest way" possible. To whit: communism, fascism, empires, socialism, democracies, representative republics. All. Are. Corrupt. Since all governments are ...
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Religion is a tool of control. Government SHOULD represent its citizens, but it is controlled by money and, yes, religion. Religion is just as corrupted by money as government. What is the solution? Take money out of politics (outlaw superPACs and cap campaign donations), TAX CHURCHES, and make policy based on scientific evidence.
Cremation or burial for your funeral?
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I am an organ donor, and I will be donating my eyes and body to a university. They will cremate me when they are done and send my ashes to my next of kin for free.
What is the purpose of life?
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Life's purpose is, and always has been, to perpetuate life. That is, to pass on DNA.
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There is more than enough evidence that the White House is chaos, even before this book came out. The huge number of empty cabinet positions alone is concerning... over a year in. That is just one example; there are many, many more.
What should we do with Republican atheists/non-believers?
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It is a shame that anyone would be bullied off the site. Intelligent adults should be expected to engage in debate and discussion without hitting below the belt, so to speak.
I just saw this on FB. I may have to cut my eyes out.
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It makes no sense for "Christians" to support this man to lead the country. He has not shown any evidence that he values anything that the religion claims to value. It makes my brain hurt.
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As am I. I am very new here, but it is so refreshing to have a place to talk about my lack of religion without feeling like a social pariah.
There is no agnostic vs. atheist! The peeve I have...
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I believe that gods are a human construct, all life is a result of evolution, and humans have a limited understanding of the cosmos. I tell my friends and family that I am agnostic, only because it is more socially acceptable than being atheist, and I know that is cowardly. I also don't like hurting the feelings of my religious loved ones, so I will often say that I am open to the "possibility" of there being a God... even though I most certainly am not.
What if a monetary system was unnecessary?
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Capitalism and greed will not allow for the proliferation of renewable energy, unfortunately.
What is your take on the 2 party system?
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Both parties are owned by corporations these days. It is very sad, but it's also true.
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Agreed. This is why I have been single most of my adult life.
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I will admit that I am addicted to my phone, but it is an easy way to connect with loved ones and a useful tool for research, etc. I find myself reading a lot of articles and posts. Also, I watch a ton of independent news videos on YouTube.
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I am very picky about who I will spend my time with these days, whether or not sex is involved. Life is full of obligations and demands on my time. I am quick to write off anyone that demands too much without giving back... life really is just too short.
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You know, this is a fantastic idea.
What made you wake up?
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My years of working in academia and my budding career as a scientist and mentor molded me as a seeker of evidence and logic. Religion had no place in my life anymore, and it just plain made no logical sense.
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