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Life long nonbeliever looking for friends or something more. I help my family run a small business so I stay busy. I want to try to meet new people to do fun, action packed things. Don't invite me to watch Netflix! Invite me to the ball game! I am also a feminist and a progressive and I am vociferously opposed to 45 and his kleptocracy.

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I was married for 23 years. 23 years ago we didn't have a virtual cornucopia of internet dating ...
habemushummus comments on Jun 2, 2018:
I joined this site in hopes for finding greater compatibility to my world views, but it's not a Panacea. Same problems as other sites. People are particular and you've gotta keep trying over and over to find the right fish in the sea. Don't be afraid of rejection. We have to put ourselves out there in some way. Just try to be considerate and interested in what the other person is saying or talking about.
I was watching a documentary about tattoos and society's reaction to people who took it to the ...
habemushummus comments on May 11, 2018:
I don't have any tattoos, let alone have I ever considered one on the face. The biggest issue I would have with a face tattoo personally is how the tattoo would be affected by aging and exposure to the sun.
The essence of capitalism...[facebook.com]
habemushummus comments on May 9, 2018:
I feel like every system is susceptible to the corrupting influences of the greedy and power hungry. We should strive to serve each other in order to serve the greatest purpose for ourselves. That's why I consider myself to be a progressive.
Pickleball: The Fastest-Growing Sport in America ​ [nbcnews.com]​ Great sport - so much ...
habemushummus comments on May 9, 2018:
I just played this for the first time the other day at the Chicken N Pickle that opened in KC. Very fun and easy to learn. Similar to tennis and badminton.
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