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I've lived in the Houston area most of my life. After graduating High School in '77, did 3 things: started working as a Pipeline Draftsman, went to San Jacinto College and was the sound man for a band. After 5 semesters of part-time college, quit to work full time. Then, in the 80s Drafting work was sporadic. Went on the road with a band, worked as a sound system installer and made demos for local bands. Took classes in CAD. Set up a home recording studio and got into video production. At the end of the 80s, started doing CAD at work. In 1990, with my partner, put out a CD of music under the name of Novox. That fell apart and became interested in 3D Computer Animation. (Outside of the CAD work.) The 3D animation hardware was also used for video production and doing VJ work for Raves

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