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There has to be more than 32 people on Agnostic that live in the Atlanta area. Where is everyone? Maybe we should have some sort of recruitment drive! :D
Charles1971 Nov 19 Nov 19 11 comment
No one is ever here! Does anyone want to chat?
JsLife July 7 Jul 7 44 comments
Wow, surprising for anything involving Atlanta to NOT have traffic...
WhiteShark1964 June 27 Jun 27 22 comments
brainyactress Jan 31 Jan 31 33 comments
Not exactly in the area, but in the outlying area. 12:01 am, and i’m Pretty sure life’s getting started down there!
Kerra75 July 25 Jul 25 11 comment
Good morning, everyone. Just joined yesterday and looking to connect with the broader community as well as folks locally. Traveler with a soft spot for warm beaches. From SC originally and lived all over the before returning to the South. And ...
fyvekatz June 1 Jun 1 44 comments
Good morning group! It has been suggested that we be more active here, so I'll start. It's Memorial Day weekend and while the weather could be better, surely some of us have some plans. I'm hanging out with my lady friends. Maybe we'll catch a ...
moonmaid May 25 May 25 11 comment
One of first 9 members! Perhaps we need more Posts on the Group Board so it doesn't look so dead here?
EmbracingTheVoid May 25 May 25 11 comment
Hello all. I know there's more of us in the area than this....
moonmaid May 24 May 24 00 comments
I guess I am member 2
purrfecdizzo Apr 21 Apr 21 00 comments
Day one for the group. Locals looking for locals
KillyourselfInc Apr 10 Apr 10 00 comments


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