A place to discuss what you're reading, why and how you relate to the material. What is the best book you've ever read? Do you have one you've read more than once? Do you read mostly for fun or something else? Do you have a preferred genre?

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when i was young i used to take pride in not reading much fiction. as i got older i started to realize that the victors got to write the history & it was mostly BS/lies/propaganda. that includes biographies. i now read almost all fiction & at least ...
callmedubious Oct 28 Oct 28 44 comments
I just started reading Dark Sacred Night by Micheal Connelly. Its the second book a new series about a LAPD dectective Renee Ballard. Im really liking this character and I typically like his books. I like detective books or mysteries/murder ...
Christiep77 Apr 4 Apr 4 55 comments
"The Outsider" by Frederick Forsyth is a memoir and a very good read. The author is best known for "The Day of the Jackel" and "The Odessa File". His own life was also quite adventurous and peopel who liked his books woudl also like his memoir. If...
snytiger6 May 2 May 2 22 comments
We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further. Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
Psmintexas July 12 Jul 12 22 comments
Just finished reading "American Fascists" by Chris Hedges. It's about 10 years old now, but still very relevant, showing how the religious right is tryign to steer us towards a theocracy with the34mselves in charge. A good read in helping to ...
snytiger6 July 14 Jul 14 11 comment
Yes, I just joined. I mostly read non-fiction, but have read a number of fiction classics, including all of Shakespeare, and then, a biography of him. Most of my reading is about science, including the Science Section of the Tuesday New York ...
BirdMan1 July 30 Jul 30 33 comments
Hello fellow Bookwurmz. Looking forward to spending time talking with others who share the same passion of reading books. I read an ample amount of history and have been spending time reading from the WarHammer 40k book series. I also read a good ...
Lincoln16 Oct 28 Oct 28 22 comments
The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixey tells a story little known outside academic circles because the early Christians destroyed what was not Christian.
yvilletom Nov 25 Nov 25 22 comments
I'm currently reading The Devil in Dover (about the Kitzmiller vs Dover trial - Intelligent Design) and Candide. My local library is doing an adult reading challenge bingo card -- the last 2 spaces I have to fill is to read something that takes ...
dfross Mar 8 Mar 8 33 comments
Hi, I'm new to the group. Historical fiction is my go-to genre as far as reading for enjoyment. But, about 3 months ago i read Sapiens, by Harari. Enthralled by it. Now i just started his latest book, Homo Deus. Kind of a sequel. Anyone else ...
MrLink May 20 May 20 66 comments
Please say hello and welcome @ClaireMilner who has just joined the group. Tell us a bit about your literary tastes.
Marionville May 21 May 21 44 comments
I recently read a book about Stockholm syndrome. It started off horrible and I really hated it. But by the end I totally connected with it. Now it has my full endorsement.
MrLink May 21 May 21 33 comments
Please welcome new member @CrunchiestOne to the group. Tell us what sort of reading you like to do.
Marionville May 25 May 25 22 comments
Please say hello to @happyhiker1 who has just joined the group.
Marionville May 26 May 26 44 comments
Please welcome @ToolGuy who has just joined the group. Tell us about the sort of literature you like to read.
Marionville May 26 May 26 11 comment
With the current trend of the far right moving into the forefront of many countries aroudn the world, perhaps it is time for people to rediscover the book "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis. To paraphrase the author, "When Fascism comes to ...
snytiger6 July 9 Jul 9 33 comments
Hello all! Today began the Hardcover Book sale at my local library. For several years now, I have avoided going because my house is overflowing with books and my eyesight is failing. Today I went just to look! This time, I walked out with a ...
Spinliesel Nov 7 Nov 7 33 comments
Have just finished reading, Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett. It’s a seasonal tale about the vulnerability of humans and their endless and changing stories to make sense of reality. Needless to say I enjoyed it. Am also still reading a book called, ...
girlwithsmiles Dec 24 Dec 24 55 comments
I’ve just started reading, ‘All the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Doerr. It was recommended by a good friend, I wouldn’t usually read war books, (war horse made me bawl as a teen!), but the recommendation and fact my library had it mean ...
girlwithsmiles Feb 11 Feb 11 11 comment
I’m currently listening to Darktown by Thomas Mullen, it’s a murder mystery set in pre-civil rights Atlanta. Unfortunately it isn’t my favorite for a myriad of reasons, but good enough to finish. I’m in a mini book club (my sister and a ...
Frisbeeguy317 Aug 19 Aug 19 22 comments
I’ve always been a voracious reader but have had so much difficulty getting back into it since my husband’s death a year ago. I was on vacation in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, last week and visited the Otto Bookstore, even though I have unread ...
ProudMary Sep 16 Sep 16 11 comment
Question of the week: Have you seen a screen adaptation of one of your favorite books that just mutilated the story line? What was your reaction?
ronin73 Sep 21 Sep 21 55 comments
Wow! Thank you and welcome to all of the new members that have joined in the last few days. Enjoy you time here.
ronin73 Nov 15 Nov 15 00 comments
Happy weekend Wurmz, and welcome to our fresh faces. We now have added a chatroom for your use. Please avail yourselves.
ronin73 Jan 12 Jan 12 00 comments

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