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This is for our favorite (& less favorite) movie tunes, theme songs, soundtracks. You might even list your favorite movie music composers.

And a sample of the tune is always welcome.

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Dance music from the 1964 film Zorba the Greek, composed by Mikis Theodorakis. Youtube
Ray13 Feb 18 Feb 18 22 comments
Youtube Just posted this in the Music Fans group...but it actually belongs here...from the 1967 spoof James Bond movie Casino Royale...The Look Of Love - Dusty Springfield...and other music by Burt Bacharach & Hal Davies.
Marionville Feb 11 Feb 11 11 comment
From the 1963 film The Pink Panther: 'Meglio Stasera' ( It Had Better Be Tonight ) composed by Henry Mancini, performed by Fran Jeffries. Youtube
Ray13 Feb 6 Feb 6 22 comments
Theme music from the 1973 film "Badlands", Gassenhauer by Carl Orff. Youtube
Ray13 Feb 5 Feb 5 11 comment
From 1958, a big hit for the Kingston Trio, and made into a movie in 1959 starring Michael Landon: The Legend of Tom Dooley. Youtube
Ray13 Feb 4 Feb 4 33 comments
Dark Star - Benson Arizona Youtube
GeorgeRocheleau Feb 3 Feb 3 22 comments
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Theme Song Youtube
GeorgeRocheleau Jan 28 Jan 28 11 comment
Youtube Falling Slowly from the 2007 Irish movie Once. Written and sung by Glen Hansard and Marketa Inglova, it won the Academy Award at the 2008 Oscars for the best original song. In case you can’t access the one is ...
Marionville Jan 26 Jan 26 22 comments
Theme music from Disney's "Maleficent." Two versions: Once Upon a Dream, sung by Lana Del Rey Youtube Orchestra playing Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Suite Youtube
Ray13 Jan 25 Jan 25 11 comment
Here is a happier tune to make up for the last one I posted😊 From Life of Brian Youtube
Ray13 Jan 16 Jan 16 22 comments
From the Coen brothers' 2001 film The Man Who Wasn't There, Beethoven's Sonata No8 Patheique. Youtube
Ray13 Jan 16 Jan 16 33 comments
From the action film The Accountant, the ending song Leave Something Behind. Composed by Sean Rowe. Note: the accompanying video has a violent scene, so you may not care to watch. This was the only video with the lyrics captioned that I could find....
Ray13 Jan 15 Jan 15 22 comments
Thank Heaven for Little Girls from Gigi Youtube
GeorgeRocheleau Jan 13 Jan 13 22 comments
Youtube Georgy Girl was a 1966 British film starring Lynn Redgrave in the title role. This was the theme sung by Australian group The became a worldwide hit for them.
Marionville Jan 10 Jan 10 22 comments
Theme music from Downton Abbey, used in the TV series and 2019 movie: Did I Make The Most of Loving You, composed by John Lunn. Youtube
Ray13 Jan 9 Jan 9 11 comment
Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters dancing to Irving Berlin's Let's Face the Music And Dance, from 1981 film "Pennies From Heaven." Youtube
Ray13 Jan 5 Jan 5 22 comments
A great (IMO) ending theme for one of the most (at the time) horrific hentai animes, Urotsukidoji, Legend of the Demon's very sexual in nature thus earning it's NC-17 rating Youtube On a side, why is it that extreme movies have ...
VineetHonkan Jan 3 Jan 3 00 comments
Youtube I think Timothy Dalton was underrated as James Bond and In his first outing as 007 in The Living Daylights he did a good job of restoring Bond back to more like the character depicted in the Ian Fleming novels, after Roger Moore had ...
Marionville Jan 2 Jan 2 44 comments
From the 1965 movie, Flight of the Phoenix, the love song Senza Fine sung by Connie Francis. I am posting the original from the scene in the film and a remastered version which sounds better and includes the entire song. From film: Youtube...
Ray13 Jan 2 Jan 2 11 comment
Youtube This New Year’s Day they are showing this movie on TV...and it’s one of my favourites! The Thomas Crown Affair...the original one from 1968 starring the incomparable Steve McQueen and Faye Dunnaway. Here’s the theme which ...
Marionville Jan 1 Jan 1 33 comments
From the 1986 comedy Ruthless People. Youtube
Ray13 Dec 31 Dec 31 22 comments
Youtube Seven Brides For Seven Brothers is showing on TV here at the from that movie here’s The Barn Dance. What great music & dance scenes there are in this movie, brilliant choreography!
Marionville Dec 29 Dec 29 22 comments
Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan was used throughout the 2007 film "Zodiac" based on a real serial killer in northern California during the late 1960s. I think the song fits the mood of the movie quite well. The killer, by the way, was never found. ...
Ray13 Dec 28 Dec 28 11 comment
Youtube this is the
VineetHonkan Dec 28 Dec 28 11 comment
Youtube great instrumental great western
bklynite53 Dec 27 Dec 27 22 comments

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