A place to discuss what you're reading, why and how you relate to the material. What is the best book you've ever read? Do you have one you've read more than once? Do you read mostly for fun or something else? Do you have a preferred genre?

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I’ve just started reading, ‘All the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Doerr. It was recommended by a good friend, I wouldn’t usually read war books, (war horse made me bawl as a teen!), but the recommendation and fact my library had it mean ...
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girlwithsmiles 7 UK Feb 11 Feb 11 11 comment
A couple of days ago I read "Do You Mind If I Cancel?: Things that Still Annoy Me" by Gary Janetti, who was one of the writers for the "Will and Grace" TV show. I generally don't find humor books to be all that funny, but this one is hilarious. ...
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snytiger6 9 WA Feb 11 Feb 11 11 comment
As of today, I am reading "The Diary of a Young girl," aka: The Diary of Anne Frank. Despite my advanced age, I've never read it before, but I will be seeing a talk by her step-sister, in March, and would not be feeling right about that, had I not ...
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BirdMan1 7 FL Feb 11 Feb 11 22 comments
Yesterday, I read "Mobituaries" by the comedian Mo Rocca. He goes back and gives recognition to some of the lesser known aspects of people throughout history, and lesser known deeds of well known people. It is a very entertaining and educational ...
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snytiger6 9 WA Feb 12 Feb 12 33 comments

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